Heres to the bystanders

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Eyes seem to gaze towards me,
They seem to watch my every step.
Waiting.... waiting,
Waiting for me to make a mistake,
Laugh at them,
Disgrace me and taunt me.
Mockers all,
Mockers all of them.
The people who dare step in the light,
People like us don't care.

We joined the light to reflect,
We joined the light to do something.
We want change,
We shall have change.
And these mockers shall keep looking,
Mocking until the very end.
We don't care,
We never did,
We never will.

Bystanders will laugh,
Let them laugh.
Bystanders will tease,
Let them tease.
For they are too afraid to do anything,
Let them be.
We are better,
We are the change.
We are better,
We are brave.

The different between us and the masses in numerous,
Let the bystanders do the counting.
We don't have time to indulge,
In this mindless game of gossip.

The difference,
The clear difference between you and me,
Is simple and it shall always be.
Mr, people like us,
Dare and change the world,
While people like you,
The feeble,the bystanders,
The mockers,the gossipers,
The traitors,the mafia,
The criminals,the thiefs,
The thugs,the shitheads,
The over to do,the douchebags,
The over confidence,the assholes
And the demotivators,
You all are forced to learn to live,
On a world we have so changed.

The Dead Revolutionary

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