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I looked up from my phone right as the car was about to hit me. Not a car...bigger than that. An SUV maybe. It was one of those things where you know what is about to happen, but there is no time to prevent it. There's that split second where your brain yells "Oh fuck!" because you are screwed.

It all went black.

When I opened my eyes, Ella was kneeling next to me crying and saying my name.

"Josie! I called 911. Just hold on. Stay awake, Josie! No, don't close your eyes!"

I must have closed them. When I opened them again I was in an ambulance. I could hear the siren. The paramedic next to me was talking into a radio or phone or something.

"Blunt head trauma. Profound injury to left elbow and shoulder. ETA 8 minutes."

I tried to talk. "I'm okay."

The paramedic looked at me and smiled. "Glad to see you awake, Josie. We are taking you to Lakeridge Health to let the doctors determine if you are okay."

I didn't feel horrible. I felt numb. And cold. How bad off could I be?

"My mom works there," I said, before I felt everything go dim again.

The next time I woke up I was in a hospital bed. My mom was at the end of the bed, still in her scrubs from her shift, talking to a police officer. Had she been working when I was brought in? That must have been horrible for her.

"I'm so sorry, mommy," I said, tears filling my eyes.

She gasped and hurried to the side of the bed, grabbing my right hand. "Joslyn, baby, what are you talking about? Sorry?"

"Sorry I scared you."

My mom started crying. "I was scared, but it isn't your fault! Baby, I am so glad you are okay."

A nurse then came in and checked my vitals while the police officer observed everything. My mom got me a glass of water, which tasted heavenly considering how dry my mouth was.

"What is wrong with me?" I asked.

My mom went into nurse mode. "When the car hit you, you were thrown and you landed on your left side. Your elbow was shattered, your shoulder dislocated, and your collarbone has a compression fracture. Your head hit either the ground or the curb. You have some brain bleeding and swelling, though both are under control."

I started to cry again.

"Josie, you are going to be okay. You are going to have surgery for your elbow and possibly collarbone once they are comfortable with how your head is doing. The shoulder has already been relocated."

"When will I be okay?" I asked.

My mom paused. "You are going to spend this summer getting better. You should be okay by the time your senior year starts."

"But I need to work. I need to earn money for college!"

"I don't want you worrying about that. Just focus on healing. That is all that matters," she said as she wiped away my tears.

I then heard someone clear their throat. I'd forgotten the police officer was there.

"When you are up to it, Miss Grant, we need to discuss the accident. Anything you can remember will help us."

"Can't you ask the person who hit me?"

My mom and the officer exchanged looks.

"We can't do that. This was a hit and run."

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