Chapter 30 - Meeting Jason's only family

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This is the exact moment I realize just how deep my feelings run for Jason. And it frightens the hell out of me.

He looks at me, his lips lifting a touch. “The day I met you on the plane, I was supposed to be meeting him for dinner. He needed more money. He’s living in New York at the moment. His latest squeeze is there. She’s about your age.” He rolls his eyes.

“I was there on business. He must’ve heard because he called me up the day before, asking me to meet him. Being the sucker I am, I went. I pushed back my flight a day. I waited at the restaurant for him. He didn’t show—unsurprisingly. Then, I got a text as I was leaving the restaurant, saying he couldn’t make it, something had come up, and asking if I could just transfer some money into his account for him. So, I decided to fly home early. Caught the next flight out. And there you were.” His eyes focus on mine, warmth in them.

“There I was.” I smile. “And I’m glad I was.”

I mean that. More than I can say.

Even if having Jason in my life is causing me inner turmoil, I don’t regret a second of the time I’ve spent with him because the thought of never having met him seems inconceivable to me now.

I don’t have forever, but I have this point in time. And that’s what matters. Spending my remaining time with him.

Because he matters to me.

“I’m glad, too,” Jason says, giving me the look that always makes my skin tingle and heat.

Sitting forward, I curl my hands around the edge of the seat. “What happened to your mother’s boyfriend?” I ask softly. I hope he went to prison for a very long time.

Leaning back, Jason looks away and pushes his hands into his pockets. “He hung himself in his prison cell before his trial.”

“Good,” I say, and I mean it.

Without warning, Jason gets up from the bench. “We should go.” Staring down at me, he pulls a hand from his pocket and holds it out to me.

I slip my hand into his and let him pull me to my feet.

He holds my hand all the way back to the car, breaking from me only to get inside. Then, he’s back to holding it again. Holding it like he has to, and I know the feeling because, right now, I need him just as much.

Jason starts the engine. The song playing on the radio is James Blunt’s “Goodbye My Lover.”

Jason pulls away from the university, my hand safely in his.

I touch my free hand to the flower still in my hair. I pull it free and press the peony to my nose, inhaling. It’s sweet but not overpowering.

I put the flower back in my hair and watch the buildings pass by as we leave, and I have this feeling of letting go.

The only problem is…I’m not sure what I’m letting go of.

“You grew up here?” My eyes widen to saucers as I take in the place. “It’s a castle. An actual castle. Is that a moat?”

I squint, trying to see the water around the huge-ass castle in front of me, as Jason drives us down the tree-lined driveway, which is longer than the street I grew up on.

Jason chuckles. “Technically, it’s not a castle. It’s called Reed Hall. No, that’s not a moat. It’s a lake that encircles the back of the house. It doesn’t come around the front. To be a moat, it has to totally surround the house. And, yes, I lived here for the better part of my life.”

The better part of his life.

That sentence alone makes me want to wrap my arms around him and hold him tight. After learning how his early years were, the feelings I have for him have grown. Knowing how hard he had it in the start of his life to where he is now—where he’s brought his life to be—makes me admire and respect him even more.

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