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imagine you doing the boyfriend tag with him on your channel. You had basically begged him to do it with you. What you didn't know what that he would know all the answers with out thinking.

Imagine having a lazy day with him. Dan was a man that did very  little  if he didn't need to do anything and today was one of them days. You got out of bed and make him breakfast and you laid in bed with him.

imagine telling everyone your having a baby together.

imagine him giving you tickets to see you favorite band .

imagine him doing your make up and all he does is take it all off and tells you that you dont need make up to look hot.

imagine him asking you to marry him .

imagine him trying to find the right words to tell you he loves .

imagine that he was your guy .

Imagine staying with him while phils away.

Imagine him making you play 5nights of Freddie's

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