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Fighting Fire with Fire: Part 1

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Two male wrestling teams in one private, elite high school? That's asking for testosterone-fuelled rivalry, hatred and a whole lot of trouble. Especially if one team mostly consists of rich kids, the other of scholarship kids.

It was no secret that Max Desera, captain of the rich kids' team, and Axel Cortés, captain of the scholarship team, had never been able to see eye to eye. As a matter of fact, there were only two things both captains could agree on:

1. They wished their mothers weren't friends.

2. The school was too small for two wrestling teams.

Only their parents kept Max and Axel from being at each other's throats, curbing them into an uneasy sort-of truce. But when the principal of their school, after the winter break, suddenly drops the message that only one team gets to exist next season based on their performance, the tension runs higher than ever.

Sabotage lurks around the corner, rivalries burn, and something else may ignite between the two team captains as circumstances force them to deal with each other more than ever.

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