Chapter 4

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Both team Rwby and team JNPR look at destiny

"Hi im ruby leader of  team Rwby And this is team JNPR  we're from Beacon academy "
Ruby said as she looks at him

"Beacon academy why would they send them here especially those two"
Zero thought as he looks at them

"Why have you come to this village if I may ask?"
Zero asked nicely

"Well our headmaster has asked us to bring you to Beacon "
Blake said as she looks at him

"Hmm I might have to think on this"
Zero said

"What's there to think about your being called to Beacon academy one of the best academy's there are "
Weiss said as she looks at destiny

"I must think about my village first before I go , I've just returned to this place and your asking me to leave "
Zero said as he walks away

"Hey where are you going "
Yang asked as she sees him walking away

"I'm going to visit my mother ,then will return and I'll give you your answer "
Zero said as he continues to walks away from the group

"What's his deal why can't he choose now"
Weiss said

"It's because he's going to visit her grave"
The old man walks up to them
"The huntress that died was his mother so that why when he returns he goes straight to her grab and pray"
The old man said as he looks at them

(Zero pov)

Zero walks up a hill that was near the village,once he got up there he saw his mother grave
" hello mother I have returned"
Zero said as he walks over to the grave the kneels down in front of it

Zero puts his hands on the side of his helmet and presses a button, when he did that some steam came out as he takes off the helmet,Zero looks at the grave as he puts his helmet on the ground

"I've been summoned to Beacon academy Mom but my Ex sisters are here I wish you were still her"
Zero said as he puts his hand on the tombstone,Zero looks at the tombstone and it

Here lies Stella Vern
Great mother
Best huntress there ever was

Zero stands back up and puts his helmet back on
"Mother I hope you watch over me and the village while I'm away"
Zero said as he walks back to the village

(Mini Time skip)

Zero reaches the village and sees the teams waiting for him
"Well have you decided "
Weiss said as she looks at him

"Yes I've decided to go with you  i will get ready to leave as soon as I can"
Zero said as he walks while Motions them  to follow

Both teams follow him and sees a house that Zero was walking to

Both teams follow him and sees a house that Zero was walking to

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