Tis moment of love

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I love thee more than tis moment of love.
Hours shall pass,
And the moment leaves.
Will thee look at mine eyes as thee have done,
With the same tender eyes as thee does now?

Like tis beauty of the moon,
She seems to glow apart.

I love thee with tis moment,
But when I wake up.
I don't want tis feeling to fade,
Please be here to stay.
I wanna feel tis forever.

Tis feeble joy,
Tis overwhelming excitement,
And tis exhausting fear.
I want tis all,
I am a selfish beast,
As I want tis to be locked,
Deep within tis narcissist heart.

Our eyes glitter like diamonds,
Plucked from this vast sky.
They glitter as diamonds,
They always did.
Don't let tis fade away,
Polish time diamonds,
Let it shine even brighter than now.
For thine diamond for me has more value than all.
Help me miss,
Polish mine too.

Take my hand,
And gaze into my eyes,
Let us get lost in each others hearts,
Let's roam free deep within.
Let's get lost in our hearts,
Let's get stuck in a place where we can never return.

Let's stay here forever,
Take mine heart here,
As I take thine as well.

But let us be like an arch,
Let us hold tis feeble sky.
Let us show wonders,
Let us be the wonders.

For tis world is beautiful,
But tis is fading,
But let us be the last remaining flower,
In tis cold dreary autumn,
Remembering the summer old,
And let us die in December alone.
But come again in spring,
Let us be the first to bloom,
And the last to shrewn.

The Dead Revolutionary

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