" daddy's girl "

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It was Saturday night and instead of being in my room reading and writing like I had promised Jim I would be doing, I was over Zoey's house, where he was having a small kickback. His friends were playing around, recording songs and such, but they actually sounded good. Zoey was leaning against a wall, holding my waist with one hand and holding a red cup in the other. I also had a cup in my hand, containing some type of alcohol. It was my first time drinking it and surprisingly, it was actually good and not bitter like I had thought it would be.

The rush I had from the alcohol and sneaking out of the house felt, strange but good at the same time. Being with Zoey now, there was no longer a feeling of fear, it was just a feeling of happiness. I took another sip, swallowing it, loving the tingly feeling I felt afterwards. I threw my empty cup away and rested my head against Zoey's chest.

"I want you to try something." Zoey said into my ear.

"What is it?" I twirled a piece of my blue hair around my finger.

He grabbed my hand and we went outside. He lead me down the street to what looked to be a small playground. He sat down on a swing and I sat on the one beside him. He reached into his pocket and pulled something out, causing me to furrow my eyebrows. He chuckled some and brought whatever it was up to his lips, inhaled whatever it was, and then blew out a puff smoke. I stared at him with a confused expression, watching him do the same thing again.

"What's that?" I asked, slowly starting to swing back and forth.

"You ain't never seen a hookah pen before?" He chuckled, blowing a small puff in my face.

I coughed some before speaking. "Nope. Never seen one, is it just like, an electronic cigarette."

"No Savannah." He shook his head. "Wanna try it?"

"Well, does it have like flavors to it or whatever?" I asked.

"Yeah." He nodded. "This is one is green apple. You can try it, but just don't choke."

I hesitantly took the hookah pen and inhaled the smoke, immediately coughing hard afterwards. Zoey started laughing loudly, bending over and holding his stomach. I coughed for a few more seconds and then tried again, this time quickly blowing the smoke out of my mouth. Honestly, it felt weird because I had never even attempted to do something like this. The flavor actually tasted really good, even though I was expecting it to be a bit sour. Zoey and I passed the hookah pen back and forth while swinging. The night air was cool, causing me to shiver some.

"You cold ma'?" Zoey looked over at me while passing the hookah.

"Mhm." I nodded, inhaling and then blowing out the smoke.

"Come here then."

I hopped off my swing and went and sat in his lap where he wrapped his jacket around me and stuck his bucket hat on my head. I giggled some and then snuggled closer to him. He started swinging again and softly rubbed my sides. He was so warm, and I was starting to get kind of sleepy. He looked down at me and noticed how sleepy I looked. He chuckled some and kissed my forehead.

"You ever notice how pretty the stars look at night?" I yawned.

"Nah, I ain't into the sappy shit like staring at the stars." He shrugged. "But, since I'm sitting out here with you, I'm kind of noticing it."

"My daddy used to take me to the lake on the weekends at night and we would lay on our blankets and eat candy while just looking at the stars." A small smile crept on my face. "He would always make me try to count them all but, I would always end up falling asleep."

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