chapter 9

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Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry  1000 times sorry guys actually I have changed to another company so I got little bit busy in that so let's go the story and read the note which I give today at last.

So the episode starts anika and her brothers and bhabhi came to the party venu .

Shivaay get tunned seeing anika in her party wear

Anika look so beautiful in her dress and minimum makeup

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Anika look so beautiful in her dress and minimum makeup.

Rudra:bhai closes your mouth otherwise insect will get into your mouth

Shivaay :shut up rudra

Anika sees Omru with shivaay and tries to go there

Before she goes Neil stops her and says just 2 hours after that we are going home

Ranveer :and don't test our patience by asking extra time

Anika just nodded her head and went towards shiomru

Pragya sees this and says why don't you guys leave her alone for some time she came her to take a break  you guys don't trouble her saying this she went from there.

The brothers looked at each other and enjoyed the party.

Suddenly their eyes see that some waiter glaring their sister badly and touches her which increases their anger

All these time anika was avoiding shivaay and talking to Omru only

Shivaay anger also increase

Anika went with rudra to have a juice suddenly she saw her 3 brothers beating the waiter abhi took the gun and shooted the waiter head Rudra and anika gasped in schoked.

Anika started to run from there rudra started to follow her

Abhi Neil and Ranveer got tensed because their was so careful that anika should not see it  they tried to go after her but anika was to fast she run from there they send their bodyguard to follow her and bring her back at any cost

Shivom got tensed when rudra was missing.


Anika run away


Guys I have a new idea that is combination of swaragini and ishqbaaz

Anika and shivaay will get sperated not due to pinky.gauri is grey shade. Gauri will be jealous of anika since she is getting more attention than her she will sperate them with help of buvama shivaay will tourtures her daily and lock her in their farmhouse  he will sperate her from brother. Anika will escape from there and try to commit suicide she will find a new born baby boy she will adopt that baby and runaway to kolkatta she will be neighbors to swara and raginin. Swara anika and raginin are childhood friends in my story swara and raginin are friends not sister sekhar is shomi friend. Shomi is working in Central Bank as a regional manager. Sekhar is having a small super market. Shomi has a elder brother  he is working as a CBI he has 2 sons both really working in cid  they have better life then raginin family.Dadi and dida are friends they don't have any problems. There is some new character in this story including Tej and shakthi there will another man  Rajveer he will be husband of shomi they will get sperated he will snatch their son he doesn't know that shomi is pregnant with swara. Shomi will shift to kolkatta and start a new life with her family and swara.Rajveer will find the truth the shomi is not at fault and try to search her. His son will be civil with his father since he is searching his mother. Anika will come to kolkatta and start an event management company which will be successful swara and raginin are 6 years elder than swara. Sahil parents will shift from kolkatta to Mumbai when sahil is born. Anika is an MBA gratuvate. Swara is a fashion designer student. Raginin is B. SC physics student she is just like in serial but always jealous of swara because of her life style. My story start with anika entering badi. 2 years leap and shivaay searching anika so guys tell me should I continue this story.

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