Playing Criminal

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WARNING: This story starts off with a lot of cursing. If you are uncomfortable with this kind of language, then don't read. It's as simple as that. I promise that all cursing is only used to set the setting and to keep up with the realism of the story given the nature of the characters. aka. It has a purpose. Please be forewarned that there are also references to drugs, violence, alcohol and a variety of other things that are unsuitable for young minds.

I want to state that I do in no way shape or form support drugs. *HUGS NOT DRUGS* everyone. But, as before, it's important to the story and will not be taken out.

And, as a side note, all content in this story and any story I post on this site is of my own creation and copyrighted to ME and me alone.

So, please sit back, pick up a bag of popcorn, kick your feet up and enjoy...

Playing Criminal...

I fumbled with the lighter in my hands. “Fuck this shit,” I grumbled, looking out the window quickly to make sure no one was around. The parking lot was empty; the only source of movement the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees, making a few deadened leaves fall in slow-motion onto the cement. My shoulders visibly relaxed, making my best friend, Caden chuckle lowly under his breath.

I scowled, returning to my task. Finally, after almost burning my finger, I got the damned thing to light. Bringing the small flame to the crushed, dried green leaves, I inhaled deeply, the strong, addictive odor filling my lungs.

I sighed; I’d been looking forward to this all fucking day. Fuck school. This was so much better than sixth period.

I giggled as a blast of euphoria hit me, and passed the pipe to Caden.

Soon enough the windows of the car were clouded with smoke. I breathed in deeply through my nose, each breath equally intoxicating. I placed my hand on the window and watched as it left a ghost of an impression on the glass.

I sighed. “This is some good shit, Caden. Where’d you dig it up?”

“Yeah – it’s prescription. My Uncle got it for me.”

“Well you have some damned good Uncle,” I giggled again as I began feeling the high taking over me. Damn it had been way too long.

Closing my eyes, I leaned back into my seat, soaking up the slight spinning sensation, the way my body tingled all over in a way that assured me everything was right in the world.

I opened my eyes after a few minutes, ready to take another hit and noticed Caden hunched over the pipe as he began to fill another bowl.

Without hesitation, I burst out laughing. “You look like a hunchback…because…because your back is hunched.” I explained. Oh my God. Hunchbacks.

“Of course I do, babe,” He rolled his eyes, as he lit the lighter. When he exhaled, a smoke dragon left his mouth, billowing about as it flew across the car.

“My turn,” I whined, reaching out for it eagerly, the weed making me more impatient and needy than usual. I just needed another hit.

“God you’re so annoying when you’re high,” Caden groaned. I rolled my eyes back at him as I cradled the pipe in my hands.

As I breathed in again, the sound of a helicopter loudly rumbled overhead. I jerked and broke away coughing at the burning sensation in my throat. My eyes went wide; my heart rate accelerated.

Caden smirked and waggled his fingers at me. “The cops are out there. They know what you’re doing.”

I inched further back into my seat and wrapped my arms around my knees. Shaking my head, I yelled, “No – you’re lying. They don’t!” Terror gripped me by my non-existent balls, until all I could think about was the dread of being caught.

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