I Still Believe

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Beatrice's POV:
I woke up on Alan's chest, remembering what happened the night before. Sam was using the bathroom and Edgar was asleep, his hair in his face. He looked cute for once instead of intimidating. Sam flushed the toilet and then walked out of the bathroom, tripping over Edgar's leg. Sam's eyes widened as he stumbled and Edgar rolled on his back, his eyes opening slowly. "What did you do?" Edgar said. Sam sat down on the floor and said "I tripped." The bandanna wearing boy rolled his eyes and said "you guys hungry?" I nodded against Alan's chest and Edgar said "I'll go make us something to eat." "I'll come with." Sam said as he followed Edgar. I played with Alan's dog tags and watched his eyes flutter open. "Hi." Alan said groggily. I smiled and said "hi." He stretched and said "so, now we're a thing?" "I hope so. You kissed me last night." Alan smirked and said "I meant it." "Really? You want me to be your girlfriend?" I asked. "Yeah." I blushed and Sam ran up the stairs. "Guys we have some toast." He said. I stood up and Alan did the same, the two of us walking downstairs. As we sat down at the table, Sam and Edgar stared at us. "What?" I asked. Sam took a bite of his toast and nudged Edgar. The other Frog brother sighed and said "so are you guys a thing?" I looked to Alan to answer and he nodded. "Yeah, so?" Sam stuck  his hand out and said "you owe me five bucks, Edgar." Edgar groaned and handed Sam five dollars. Sam laughed and stuck the money in his pocket. I grabbed a piece of toast and spread some butter and jam across it. Alan rolled his eyes and said "you guys made a bet?" "I knew that you guys would get together and Edgar didn't believe me. So we made a bet." I shook my head and said "honestly, guys." Sam smirked a little and Edgar said "break my brother's heart and I'll end you." Sam hit Edgar on the arm and I said "I won't." "Same thing goes for you, Alan." Sam said. Alan nodded and we were all silent for a minute. "So what're we doing tonight?" Sam asked. "There's a party at the boardwalk tonight. On the beach." I said. Alan looked at me and said "how do you know?" "Heard some people talking about it." Edgar looked at Alan and said "should we go?" "Why not? We don't have anything better to do." Sam replied. "I need to go home. Take a shower. I'll see you guys later though." I said. Sam nodded and said "I gotta get home too. I'll walk you home." I half smiled at him and grabbed my stuff while Sam grabbed his. Sam and I walked home, talking about random things. Once I got home I showered and checked in with my dad. "So where have you been staying? I know you haven't been home." Dad said. "Alan's. He's a friend." "So you're at a boys house." "Dad, it's not a big deal. There's a concert on the beach tonight and I'm going with him, Sam and Edgar." "Who's Sam?" "Sam is the boy next door. And Edgar is Alan's brother. They're twins." "Am I ever going to meet these guys?" I nodded and said "sure. We just always hang out at Alan's. I'll bring them by sometime." He nodded and I stayed there until Sam and I had to go to the concert.


Sam knocked on the door and my dad beat me to it. "Are you Alan?" "Huh? No I'm Sam." I said "dad, this is Sam." "I've heard a lot about you." My dad said. Sam chuckled and said "good things I hope." My dad furrowed his eyebrows and I nudged Sam. "Let's go. I'll see you later dad." I said. Sam hopped on his bike and I climbed up onto the handlebars, hanging on as Sam rode down towards the boardwalk. We met Edgar and Alan at the comic book shop before going down to the beach. "Have you guys been to a concert before?" I asked. Alan shrugged and said "only the ones at the beach." David and the boys weaved their way through the crowd, finding a spot on the other side. Michael was with them and he had his hands all over Star. I watched his hands move around her hips and to her abdomen. She turned her head to kiss him and Sam said "they're disgusting." Edgar rolled his eyes at them and the concert began to start. I watched as Paul and Dwayne's whole demeanor change as the music started. Santa Carla was full of rockers so a lot of the guys were head banging to the song. I Still Believe blasted and I swayed to the song. Edgar and Sam jumped around like idiots and I felt Alan wrap his arms around my waist. I giggled and he swayed us back and forth. Everyone seemed to be having a great time on the beach. Alan pulled me in for a kiss and I wasn't expecting it. I kissed him back and I knew eyes were on us but I didn't care. We both pulled away and continued to enjoy the concert. Once it was finished, we all headed to get ice cream. "We should do more stuff like this." Sam said. "We hang out all the time. What else can we do?" I asked. "Hunt vampires. Let's do it. I heard there's some more in the area." Edgar said. Alan rolled his eyes and said "I told you that wasn't accurate." "What if we got David and them to help us. It's their competition. Isn't it? Maybe they're territorial." Alan and Edgar's eyes went so wide I thought they were going to snap. Sam licked his spoon and said "I don't think that's a good idea." "Why? Maybe they'd leave us alone." I said. Alan nodded and said "maybe." Edgar scoffed and said "you guys wanna work with bloodsuckers?!" "We could get rid of them. And David and the guys could go hunt elsewhere. They don't have to hunt here in Santa Carla." I said. Sam and Alan looked at Edgar, awaiting his answer. "What do you think?" Edgar huffed and said "fine. We'll ask them tomorrow." "Tomorrow it is." I said.

I'm so so so sorry I haven't updated this book in so long!! I apologize!! I got busy writing other books and I was trying to finish some of the other ones.

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