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@KySon: Been reading a theory post about me this morning. I have to say, it's pretty deeply thought out
@username: How did they do?
@username2: I saw something like that on my feed last night
@username3: I saw the one posted yesterday but I didn't think too much into it
@username4: Saw it, but didn't read it. It's your life so it's your right to some privacy, especially when it comes to developing relationships
@username5: I think it's wrong that there are fans trying to document every moment of your life
@username6: I still find it hard to believe that people dissect every little thing in a celebrity's life. Sometimes I think fans are so wrong yet here I am with full knowledge what the post said
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@KySon: Some of you are actually so considerate. Calling out others for being too nosy and disregarding the post written about my possible love life - what did I do to deserve you guys?
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@DomSherwood1: Thanks @KySon , @BlairMonson and @BradHall for showing us what this city has to offer
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@matthewdaddario: "The rumours you hear about me might be true. But then again, it might be as fake as the *person* who told you."
@username: Never have I seen you do a clap back and I feel like this is history in the making
@username2: I can't believe my eyes 😱
@username3: Shit then
@username4: You go, honey 😙
@username5: At least he changed it so it's less offensive 😂
@username6: 😂😙
@username7: Follow me back
@username8: I love this and you 😍😍😍
@kitkatsmeow: Ain't that the truth
@username9: Wow - I am in shock.
@username10: I honestly didn't think you would even acknowledge the post
@username11: Hard to ignore when it's being shared everywhere the cast and others can see @username10
@DomSherwood1: True @username10 @username11

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