Chapter:5 ~ Amused & Annoyed (Part II)

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Xavier's POV:


The meeting was important so was the deal. The day was hectic today. My every muscle is aching because I have not slept from the last three days. I laid on my bed as soon as I reached my bedroom. I realized how blessed I feel when I stretched my body on the bed. I am still in my formals.

I am in no mood of changing my clothes.

I closed my eyes after staring at the ceiling for few minutes. I think I am going to wake up directly in the morning.

I heard the door opening but I am still in no mood of exercising these muscles to look over the person who is most probably Ariana.

'Xavier', Ariana called in a very low tone, she must be thinking that I am asleep.

I didn't open my eyes.

She touched my shoulder a little and step aside immediately. Maybe she is trying to check if her husband is sleeping or dead.

I know her eyes are still focussed on me. I felt a little uncomfortable and decided to shift a little to show that I am sleeping and not dead.

I am tired of this marriage. Every morning her face reminds me of my fake relationship to her and to myself. My absence from this house from last three days is holding this reason very precisely. I am annoyed at my Dad's decision of choosing Ariana over Eva.

Ariana lacks confidence while Eva is confident with great business sense and a more reasonable explanation is that we love each other.

I thought my Dad liked Eva and will approve our relationship, but it was all a myth of my assumptions and dreams.

My thoughts took a halt. Because of a soft touch.

I felt something on my legs. Ariana is removing my shoes.

Should I just open my eyes and stop her? No, she will know that I was just ignoring her. It may hurt her.

She removed my socks too. I am feeling a little odd, I mean a lot uncomfortable! I felt her moving away from the bed, maybe she is going to put those shoes on their place.

Once again I felt her hands, but this time she is removing my neck-tie.

She opened one extra button from the top of my shirt.

I heard the knock on the door. Before going to open the door, she covered me with a duvet up to my chest.

I don't want to admit but she is affecting my feelings from the first day I saw her. She feels something special inside my heart. I am amused, annoyed, happy, disappointed, all at the same time when I look at her face.

I felt myself leaning to her when she is close. I don't want to change my feelings for Eva which are true. These feelings must be temporary as I have not shared so much with someone.

Yeah! It's just temporary. And this statement is quite reasonable.

I heard her opening the door. She opened the door very slowly to diminish any voice which can awake me from my fake sleep.

'Hey, Ariana. Where is Xavier?', Mom asked, my step-mother, Mrs. Cambel Williams.

'Don't let her enter my room.' I repeated it in my brain. I never liked her. It's not that she hated me or exploited my childhood but I never got any good vibes by her presence. I only love my Mom.

Chloe was very small and she needed to be taken care with love. It was the reason Dad decided to marry Cambel.

Even if my Dad refused my relationship with Eva, Cambel was the only person supporting me for marrying Eva. It is strange but that didn't make me like her.

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