11th doctor Doctor who

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imagine the doctor telling you he loves you and never wants to see you get hurt .

imagine him takeing you to a very hot alien beach and him just in trunks .you didn't know where to put your eyes. So you put sunglasses on and sunbathed.

imagine the doctor telling you about his life and all you could do was feel sorry for him 

imagine him showing you his new companion and hoping you like her. He always wanted to make sure you got along especially as you where his longest companion and still travelling with him.

imagine him giveing you his bowtie and flying away in his tardis. He had to leave you for a while for your safety. You didn't know when he'd be back but you hoped it would be soon.

imagine him showing you your future. Even though he was very against showing people you needed the pick me up.

Imagine him teaching you how to fly the tardis. After travelling with him for so long he finally trusted you with the tardis and you felt pretty sure she liked you to apart from the odd prank on you which ended up you sleeping in the doctors room.

Imagine him whispering in your ear run.

Imagine you have left for a bite till he needs you again .

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