bones Star trek

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imagine helping him with his work. Bones had always avoided paper work. So when you walked in on him stressing about it you helped him.

imagine him tell you that he loves you. more then anything .

imagine getting hurt alot just so you can see him. Even though he was a doctor him self and probably had the least dangerous job on the job he still somehow managed to get hurt and have to come see you at the nurses table.

imagine you over hearing him talking to kirk about how he feels about you .

imagine kirk teaseing him and you because of what you did last night .

imagine being the only person he liked and was nice to

Imagine him telling everyone that your baby son has just said dada for the first time

Imagine him helping you get as place as a doctor so you work with him more.

Imagine your 5 year old daughter playing fancy dress up with him and when you get in from work you see him him in a pink toto and with his hair all done and him wearing makeup . All he could way to you was "shut up" you couldn't help take a photo of him.

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