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It's just a short sequel since my friend spewed out an idea in class and I felt so bothered that I had to publish this.

Credits to da MVP, Linie~


It was a few years later that the two of you had finally vowed to stay by each other no matter what and live like you have always been all these years.

"Jimin?"You felt a pair of arms wrap around you and instinctively called out to the owner of the warm figure."Are you sure you want to do this?You don't have to if you're scared."

Jimin shook his head,flashing you a sweet smile that washed away your worries."If you get scared,tell me and we can cancel the appointment,okay?"Jimin held your hand,assuring you he's okay.

The two of you got inside your car and you drove off to the hospital.

Once at the hospital,you were greeted by your brother,more known as Dr.Jinyoung."Hello there,lovebirds.You ready,Jimin?"Jinyoung faced Jimin with a small smile,hoping it would cheer him up.

Jimin held your hand tight,as if he didn't want to let go.But nonetheless,he still nodded to Jinyoung's question."I'll leave the two of you to have your lovely time then."You smiled at Jinyoung before proceeding to caress your husband's face.

"Do you want to go home,Jimin?"Jimin flashed you his infamous sweet smile.'I'll be okay,this is for you and our baby,yeah?'You held in your tears,overwhelmed that Jimin would be willing to go through all this for his little family.

"Mr.Park,you can come inside now."One of the nurses called.Jimin gave you one last hug before disappearing into Jinyoung's office,telling you not to worry.


After Jimin had been in the surgery room longer than you would have liked,you see Jinyoung approaching you."How is he?"You tried to stay calm despite the huge desire to meet your husband.

"He'll be okay,but for the time being,he needs to stay here so we can monitor his condition."You were relieved to say the least.

"You should go ahead and visit him.I'm sure he misses you."You nodded and thanked Jinyoung before heading to Jimin's hospital room."Jimin?"You slowly cracked open the door.

Before you could say anything else,you see him sleeping soundly and quietly walked to his bed.Taking a seat on the chair nearby,you held his hand,tears threatening to fall.

You laid your head on the bed as you stared at the human being you had thought was too ethereal to be your husband."You did well Jimin."You closed your eyes,slowly drifting off to sleep.


The next morning,you were woken up by fingers caressing your hair and an arm slinged over your waist."Good morning,Jimin."Half awake,you greeted him with a half smile,snuggling into his chest.

"Good morning to you too,babe."Shocked upon hearing an unfamiliar voice,your eyes snapped open and you looked at Jimin who tried to hold in his laughter.

"Did you hear that?"Jimin shrugged his shoulders,pretending to be clueless.'I have no idea what you're talking about.'He signed."Don't lie to me! It was your voice isn't it?"

Out of excitement,you sat up with Jimin following right after."What if it was?"Jimin spoke up."Oh my god,Jimin!"You immediately pulled him into a hug."Happy to hear my voice,princess?"

Jimin whispered into your ear,arms wrapped around your petite body."Your voice is so beautiful."You pulled away from the hug and your hands flew to your mouth out of shock.


A few months later and the two of you are back at the hospital.This time,for a different reason.

Once you heard the sounds of soft cries by your ear,you had opened your eyes and was greeted by the sight of Jimin next to your bed.In his arms was a bundle wrapped in blue napkin.

While in the crib nearby was another bundle,but pink."How do you feel,babe?"Jimin's soft voice reached your ear and your eyes shifted from the crib to his honey brown eyes.

"I feel terribly tired."Jimin chuckled softly,a sound you had fallen head over heels for over this past few months."You wanna hold him?"Jimin asked,carefully stretching his arms towards you.

You took the blue bundle into your arms and a smile naturally grew on your face."He's so adorable."You cooed.Upon hearing your voice,your son smiled,a smile that made both your's and Jimin's heart flutter.

You glanced at your sleeping daughter and tried to suppress the huge smile on your face."What is it?What's wrong?"Jimin asked."It's just that,she looks so cute.I can't believe I gave birth to these two angels."

"And I can't believe I'm married to the goddess who gave birth to these two angels."You lightly hit his shoulder,laughter erupting from your lips."You're cheesy."

"No I'm not,I'm your husband."Jimin said before pulling you in for a kiss.


It probably was a bit rushed and it might not be what some of you wanted but I hope you liked it!

Thank you for supporting this book once more! I love each and every one of you

(P.s. forgive my grammar mistakes and my typos bcs now isn't really the perfect time to proofread ^^')

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