spock Star trek

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imagine him being confused about how he feels about you. You and spock had worked together for a long time. Then one day you didn't come to the lab because you had a medical exam and he relized he missed you.

imagine him running khan  down for nearly killing you .

imagine having a lovely baby girl with him .

imagine him asking kirk for some help on what to say to you on your first date.

imagine spock telling you how he feels about you.

imagine spock helping you with some work .

imagine spock being worried about you because he cant find you anywhere. Scotty have roped you in to helping him for the day  he needed someone on the smaller side to do something for him.

Imagine him agreeing with everything you say. Which was very rare for him but you actually spoke sense and didn't try and hide anything.

Imagine bringing out the human side of him.

Imagine him telling you about his people ways and how they lived .

Imagine him caring for you when your upset about something. Spock didn't know what to do but he still let you cry and he would listen even if he did but in with his own opinion on the subject.

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