khan Star trek

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I have a feeling im spelling it wrong sorry if I am x

imagine him looking after you and not wanting you to see the bad side of him. He was always very protective of you and what you got to see with what ever he did.

imagine when your on the enterprise he watchs your every move. It was your duty to keep khan safe and make sure he was up to nothing but you started to feel him follow your every move. It put you on edgy.

imagine having to help him with his escape and when you do he tells you he loves you and never wants you to get hurt .

imagine him at home with your child playing when you get in from work.

imagine him being the best dad ever.

imagine him asking you to marry him before he goes off on one of his jobs.

Imagine him seeing you on the enterprise and him making it his mission to get you on his side .

Imagine him telling you about his people and he starts crying so you comfort him .

Imagine him being the best in bed .😉

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