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Serial - The Beginning

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                                                                              The Beginning

First, I’ll tell you what I am not. I am not a vampire that glitters in the sun. I don’t fall in love with human beings, nor have I any ties to my mortal coil. I left that long ago. I don’t care for vampire rights; I am not seeking a synthetic alternative to human blood. Despite long life, I have not been ignorant to all around me. I’ve learned things, amazing skills that have served me well.

I can’t turn into a bat or wolf. I can’t fly. I do not have the power to control the mind, although I can be extremely persuasive. When I hunt, I don’t speak to my food, trick them into a comfort zone, or seduce them. It would be tantamount to you seducing a cheese burger. I don’t fight or destroy other vampires, nor do I prey on just the evildoers.  I have no aversion to sunlight or crosses, although in the sun my power drains. I cannot be killed by a stake through the heart.

I am not a ‘psychic vampire’. I don’t walk around trying to steal aura or what have you.  I’m not a pretender, one who drinks blood because it provides me some sort of sexual arousal.

What I am is a predator and I am hunting you. I typically don’t do this – communicate – but you are a rare breed of human. You show characteristics that could make you a high quality addition to our kind.  You don’t seek it, like many who have romanticized the visions of Nosferatu in the movies or literature.

The quality I see in you is your desire to prey on others. Not evil like me, mind you. You see the weak-minded, those who are failures in the epic battle for survival. You pounce on their vulnerability and take what you desire.

It has gotten you to where you are today. For that, I say bravo! Still, you could be so much more.

Let me continue by telling you about us. As you would expect, many mortals know about us, thanks to the invention of film. Still, they don’t know the real us until it’s too late.

There aren’t many of us left, you know.

How we were created remains a mystery to us all, much as it is for you. Are we God’s creatures? Satan’s warriors? I know not these things.

I do know the first was named Upir' Likhyi, living in the 900’s. He created an army of us across Europe and Asia, creating a panic among the human population.  During the 1100’s, our kind became hunted.  The human beings became so concerned about our existence; they would turn against their own, burning perfectly edible morsels at the stake for superstitious signs that were neither accurate nor true of the accused.

We retreated into the hills of Romania and fed on animals that resided there. Our disease, DNA, whatever you call it – infected some of these – mainly wolves, creating a different beast.

As our numbers dwindled, the oldest sought to create new ‘offspring’. That is how I came to be.

Like many of our kind, I am not completely vampire. I am a half-blood. To be pure vampire puts you among royalty in our society. Yes, there is a Vampire King and Queen and they do procreate in a very human fashion. All of us know of them and are connected to them psychically. We cannot refuse their commands.

As for how I became what I am?  The year was 1888 and I was working for George Lusk and the White Chapel Vigilance committee in London. Our goal was to capture the fiend who was known by most as Jack The Ripper. With the police bumbling and baffled, we patrolled the streets looking for any suspicious characters.

It was there near Miller Court where I spotted a strange looking fellow wearing a dark long coat. He had a small felt hat that covered his eyes and he was moving quickly from the area.  I had seen him before, nearby the other killings. As I followed, I noticed droplets of blood on the ground from where he had tread.

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