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I was never a happy person

Though everyone saw me as a comedic sensation

I was fluffy not funny

Though everyone sees me as bubbly and goofy.

I strived hard to keep my sanity

I worked hard to hide the real me

Because if this adversity shows up.

All hell breaks out.

I was stranded between peace and chaos

But I know I want no trouble.

So I struggled to keep the peace in me

Though I am beat like a battered limp.

I am stranded between companion and my world alone.

I can't decide which I am better off strangers come and go

I might fall into a trap.... but I must put it in a show.

Different vices passes through

I am not one of it's crew

But all I can say is that I am a vice.

I am an addictive person, many wants me as a price.

I fight, I struggle, I fought

But none of my winnings were bought.

I earned each with blood and sweat

Though I am stranded, I've survived many tests.

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