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"Jimin, baby, come here?" she asked from across the room.

The werewolf's ears perked up and he got off the couch to walk over to her. He wore his comfortable silk pajamas and glided his feet across her shiny floor.

"What I have I told you about your clothes?" she asked.

Jimin pouted and nudged his head against her as an effort to get rid of the scolding that was coming. "To wash them whenever I go outside and get them dirty?"

She nodded as he gave her a pout. He attempted to woo her into forgiving him for the continuous mistake he always made whenever he went outside.

"Ruby," he whined.

Ruby sighed at her beloved pet. "Jimin, we've been over this multiple times now. I don't think you're going to learn your lesson unless I punish you."

Jimin whimpered, his wolf ears folding down. "No, Ruby, no," he whined.

"Yes, Jimin."

She rolled her eyes as he held onto her arm and tugged on it. She loved him, but he needed to follow her rules if he wanted to stay in her house.

Jimin had been around since she was ten and he should have known her rules by now. She loved him to the point where she would jump in front of a train for him, but she couldn't handle how messy and unorganized he was.

When he felt like putting in an effort and trying to do something productive, he would clean thoroughly. He cleaned as if there was no tomorrow. One time, it took him two days of nonstop washing and wiping to clean the dishes.

"You're not allowed to sleep with me for the rest of the week," Ruby strictly said.

Jimin's pout got bigger as his eyes watered.

"Jimin, you're not a pup anymore. You're a grown wolf and you need to learn how to be on your own. I'm not always going to be here, you know?"

"Why not? Are you going to leave me?" he asked.

"Pureblood werewolves live longer than half-bloods, Jimin. You and I both know that. You can't change the course of where your life is going to go."

Jimin stopped pouting and sat on the floor. He went into a deep trail of thoughts and got lost in them.

Ruby crouched down and patted his head, his ears tingling at her warm touch. He nudged his head against her hand to create friction between his ears and her hand. He closed his eyes and calmed down at her touch.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

"I know, baby, I know."

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