Chapter 5

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Later that afternoon, the sun was setting in a suburban neighborhood near the Sycamore University. Most of the fraternity and sorority houses are there, away from the prying eyes of campus security. Those who can afford it can rent a furnished house provided by the University while focusing on their studies.

The furnished houses the University rent out to their students or visitors are very spacious and clean. Every year, they buy new furniture and electronics to accommodate the tenants. The University owns at least 20 houses in the neighborhood, and most of them have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

In one of the six-bedroom guest houses near campus, the same little girl who stormed into the Dean's office was playing video games on her Nintendo 3DS in the living room. The little girl who happens to be the Aethereal Queen. Despite her small size and baby-faced looks, she is older than you think.

The Aethereal Queen cannot in any way force any female to take the call, the Aethereal Queen is not allowed to appoint a replacement since she has no vote and the Aethereal Queen is prohibited from fighting battles in no way, shape or form. The Aethereal Queen is more of a messenger of the Seven Heavens and more of a figurehead than most. However, the Aethereal Queen does have many perks during her tenure.

The Aethereal Queen has an extended lifespan and gets to keep her youthful looks. Also, the Aethereal Queen can shape her body into what she would like to be only once every 10 years. It's that, and The Crux Nexus are extraordinarily wealthy and have an indisputable income which the Aethereal Queen can handsomely have access to.

And when you have 100 years to live or even less than that, how can you dictate it into a story? As many others are lucky enough to live for 100 years, Lycka Benibara has lived more than that and still going strong in her prime. Both figuratively and literally. Starting out at a young age as a nurse in the 1900s, she always wanted to help the sick and help others achieve greatness. To her, that was her calling.

In a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, she had seen many of her friends become overwhelmed by the vices and illnesses that were crippling the world. At age 18, the heavens anointed her as the new Aethereal Queen without even being a part of the Crux Nexus to everyone's shock. Using her position, she can finally help others who can't help themselves.

Even though she is a Queen in the eyes of the heavens, Lycka Benibara is not from royalty and is not afraid to either show it with her bratty and childish attitude at times. Lycka always wanted to help the everyday people, even at the ire of her former colleagues and many monarchs who have real Royal blood in their veins in their point of view. During her time as the Aethereal Queen, she had learned from many others how to govern and rule as a monarch while keeping herself grounded.

"Why won't you go into your Pokeball?" Lycka quietly screamed to herself.

Ever since she came back home from the Dean's office, she started playing Pokémon X again and tried to catch a female Axew, a dragon type Pokémon. Being stingy, she didn't want to end up buying a bunch of Ultra Balls to catch one Pokémon. It would be easier for her to do so as this went on for several hours.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door and let herself in. It was a statuesque woman with milk chocolate skin. She wore a parker-fit white boyfriend tunic and a Daphne black skirt that complemented her slim and busty hourglass shaped figure. She had long jet-black hair and light brown eyes.

She was holding a plastic bag of refreshments that were supposedly for Lycka. Alas, the little girl was too busy playing a video game. The woman joined her in the living room and plopped the plastic bag of treats on the coffee table.

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