Chapter 2

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The next day, it was a foggy morning. Luckily for everyone, it was the first day of an extended spring break. Anyone who is anyone, slept in to catch up on their sleep.

However, some people must work. At the chapel, the secretary was one of those unfortunate souls to keep this place running. She had a slender build wearing a dress shirt and a pencil skirt underneath her overcoat. She had long black hair and powder blue eyes.

Unbeknownst to the secretary who came in 30 minutes early of her shift, entered the front office entrance with a couple of dozen donuts.

There, she set the donuts on the kitchen table. She then went over to her desk and put her purse on the chair. It was a modest office. She had a TV with satellite television, her own laptop, and a desk. She even brought her own religious artwork she did herself to spruce up the place. Finally, she took off her overcoat and hung it on the rack beside her.

She immediately went back to the kitchen area and started the coffee maker, brewing a large pot of strong dark roast coffee.

"Hello, it's me Charlotte!" The secretary announced as she turned on the faucet of the sink. She wanted hot water on tap, but it was stone cold. She rolled her eyes and exhaled deeply.

"Not again," she said out loud in Japanese. The young Charlotte knew the chapel had to be significantly renovated and the boiler room was the first on the list. It was an ancient building with a lot of history and prestige that needed a lot of work.

The floors were already redone, they had to replace most of the stained windows, most of the lighting of the old chapel was remodeled, and the interior was completely refurbished.

Halfway done, they already burned through all of their savings to fix the chapel. They still needed a water heater, repair the indoor plumbing and buy a new steeple. They could ask for a grant from the University, but they had other plans for funding. Charlotte, the 28-year-old secretary, was irate of the Dean's and the council's decision to put further renovations on hold. Charlotte wanted to call the local news channels to create some publicity, but the pastor advised her not to cause any unnecessary press.

Fretting not, she continued to make the cup of coffee anyway, scooping in six spoonsful-- and six more, knowing it's going to be another long day -- of the coffee grounds in the coffee maker and pouring a whole lot of cold water into the machine as she pressed the button to start it. She went over to the table and picked up the box of donuts and then place them beside the coffee maker, taking one for her secretarial troubles. Well, maybe two. To her, it was going to be a long day fighting with the Dean for more funding. Yet, Jeffrey should've been here by now. Is not like him to be late for free food and coffee.

"He's probably playing that Final Fantasy online game all night again," she said to herself in Japanese. Charlotte didn't hold that against him. She was all alone in the chapel again and didn't bother going to the pastor's office since he usually shows up around noon. Alas, she decided to go to the altar and say a prayer for the day. Only to her surprise, to see the altar, the rows of seats-- the whole entire room a complete mess. It appears that even the doors of the chapel entrance were kicked down, broken into pieces. However, this was an old building, and at least one of those doors were made of steel and wood with a total weight of at least 800 pounds.

Feeling sheer and utter panic, Charlotte looked over to her right and seen the boiler room doors being kicked down as well. She made the best of it and ran out of the chapel. Immediately, she called the police. The real police. It took them at least 20 to 25 minutes to get there; in reality, it could have arrived sooner than that with Charlotte arguing with the dispatch. They just couldn't believe the story of such vandalism. The whole story on paper wasn't about who could have done this, but how?

The two officers met up with the frightened Charlotte outside the chapel, and she explained the situation to them, "thank God! I think there is something in there. In the boiler room! The whole chapel is a mess!"

The three went inside and looked around to see the damage. As one of the officers went to the entrance of the boiler room he witnessed a trail of blood.

Charlotte was immediately freaked out by this, "now do you believe me? It had to be a monster!"

"For all we know, it could've been a wild animal, ma'am. But whatever it is, stay close," one of the officers said as he waved down his partner for backup. The two officers went to the boiler room with their guns out.

"Wait!" Charlotte said. "Let me turn on the lights, they're over here."

One of the officers turned around and faced Charlotte. "About the fuse box was on the other side of the room?"

"No, that just turns on the machines. The light switch is right by the door," Charlotte explained as she went to the circuit breaker and turned on the lights. To their unimaginable horror, there were pools of blood everywhere.

"Oh, my God! Jeffrey?! Father Nolan?!" Charlotte called out.

"Ma'am, I want you to stay here!" one of the officers instructed as they follow the bloody trail throughout the boiler room.

Not being the one to follow direction as her pastor usually points out, Charlotte followed the bloody trail herself taking a slight detour to the left. Unfortunate on her part as the officers found the fire escape to the right of the boiler room as they were bloody claw marks all over the doors. The beast found his exit. Sadly, not everyone else did.

In the meantime, Charlotte made her way to the boiler room office, where they were bloody claw marks on the doors as well. She didn't want to contaminate the crime scene, due to many hours of the binge-watching TV crime shows. She opened the door with her elbow. Pushing the door open, she realized it was jammed. So, she gave it a slight nudge, opening it. Successfully, she made her way to a dark room. She found the light switch and turned on, but the light bulbs immediately shorted out.

Being resourceful, she took out her smartphone and used her flashlight app. She looked around the room, and it was a bloody mess. Horrifically, she will find the source. The resemblance of shredded barbecue pork slathered with red barbecue sauce laid there like a heap in a corner. The tattered beige clothing, now soaked in many shades of black, brown and red like artisan tie-dye shirts. Apparently enough, the victim was missing an arm and a leg. Clearly, the wild animal or the "monster" in this case, took it with him... Probably want to save it for later.

Charlotte's face turned completely white as she let out a bloodcurdling scream. The officers wasted no time tracking the sound of the screaming. Five seconds later, they found the source of screaming only to see Charlotte crawled up in a fetal position on the right across from her was a mangled body of who was once her friend and colleague, Jeffrey.

The officers wasted no time locking down the entire chapel and getting Charlotte to safety. The chapel was officially a crime scene and was closed from the public indefinitely.

From that day forward the whole entire Sycamore University was under massive scrutiny from not only the patrons of the school but the state of New York. So severely amongst the threat, the University shuts down immediately for security measures.

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