Chapter 1

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Sycamore University is a private, coeducational, liberal arts college in New York City, in the United States. Founded in 1861, it was the first degree-granting institution of higher education for women in the United States. It became coeducational in 1969 and now has a gender ratio at the national average.

The college offers B.A. degrees in more than 50 majors and features a flexible curriculum designed to promote a breadth of studies. Sycamore University also provides many extracurricular organizations including student theater, acapella groups, club sports, volunteer and service groups, and a circus troupe. Sycamore University's varsity sports teams, known as the Archangels, play in the NCAA's Division III as members of the Liberty League.

Sycamore University tied for the 9th best liberal arts college in the nation in the 2017 annual ranking by U.S. News & World Report, with admissions described as "most selective." For the freshman class entering fall 2017, the college had an acceptance rate of 16.9%. The total number of students attending the college is around 2,566.

The Sycamore campus comprises over 1,000 acres (400 ha) and more than 100 buildings, including two National Historic Landmarks and an additional National Historic Place. A designated arboretum, the campus features more than 200 species of trees, a native plant preserve, and a 400-acre (160 ha) ecological preserve.

It's nighttime in the middle of March at the Sycamore University, and everyone is either asleep or decompressing after taking their final exams. The sweet aroma of wet grass filled the air making everyone believe that spring is finally here. Usually, everyone is out and about having fun and blow off some steam, going to various parties throughout the university. Unfortunately, there has been a series of deadly attacks around campus scaring off any find of late-night activities. Most people say it's a wild animal or maybe an enormous rabid dog. All of them were rumors with no base of truth or evidence.

It didn't stop the two unfortunate men who have been given the unenvious daunting task to patrol the central campus, security officers Lieut. Omar Ross and Sgt. Jeffrey Reed, thought twice about their profession.

They were both wearing their dark blue security uniforms, fitted baseball caps, bomber jackets. Omar being a former military man, followed his dress codes to letter as Jeffrey didn't bother talking in his shirt. Which it was understandable since Jeffrey was a bit stocky and the shirt was way too big for him. As for Omar, he may not look it, but he was in the 60s and still in good shape. In better shape than most of his younger employees, he had no problem exerting his authority and flipping most of them into shape were only there to collect a paycheck.

Between the two, Omar was dead set on finding this killer. Having served in the military and being a former cop himself, the 56-year-old veteran knew his way around dealing with dangerous situations. Meanwhile, the 22-year-old Jeffrey wanted to keep himself in one piece and take a paycheck. He thought it would be an easy job, just to ride around in a golf cart all night and spot stupid people doing stupid things. But him being outside with a man who is passed beyond his prime, is even more idiotic in his eyes.

Riding around in their electric golf cart, they successfully patrolled the entire central campus without incident. Omar went on the radio and called dispatch on his walkie-talkie, "this is Omar, calling the central control. The central campus is all clear."

"Roger that. One hour until shift change," central control responded.

"Only one more hour to go and I am out of here," Jeffrey exhaled as he turns the golf cart around slowly and drives back to their headquarters.

"Don't breathe too easily. We are still out here. Anything can happen," Omar reminded.

Jeffrey hated the fact that Omar had his own ulterior motive for catching the assailant. It made matters even worse that Omar insisted that Jeffrey would team up with him tonight while everyone decided to call in sick.

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