From the very beginning... (Prologue)

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The Aether and the Nether. Heaven and Hell. Many different names for the same place, or at least to mortal understanding this is the truth. The agents of the Nether and the Aether have fought for the souls of the dead for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, much of the modern world is owed to the scars of war before they were banished at the twilight of celestial creatures.

Since the dawn of time, there have been the four elements that bind and created our world as we see today. The same four elements that we all take for granted that shapes not only humanity but the civilization in general; wind, water, fire, and earth.

Fortunately, during the Dark Ages, many people prayed and studied the stars. Not for research but for power. At the end of the Dark Ages, a handful of educated men and women have learned to hone such power, the Nether, and the Aether.

Aether is generally considered a realm of law, where everything earned is given, where kindness is always repaid with kindness. The agents of the Aether are banished just like the Nether but appear in visions, as passed on loved ones, or other things to advance their agenda in their absences.

The Nether does not follow the rules of the universe has been considered by many as dangerous and evil. The agents of the Nether tend to have a direct hand in mortal affairs, appearing in dreams, allowing themselves to be used as vessels for tainting or even getting a fool every once and a while to open a gate to the Nether to cause havoc.

But just like everything in life, while many others want to use this power to progress humanity, many others wanted to use this newfound power for dominance. Countless wars have waged for years. Now more than ever there is an invisible war happening right in front of us that has far been spread throughout the public with everybody taking sides. And as before, many people have embraced this new discovery. Meanwhile, many others rejected and/or want it for themselves.

At the end of the Silver age, there has been a separate group who wanted to restore the balance throughout the world forever known as "The Crux Nexus."

The Crux Nexus is a female only group he uses the power of the Heavens to deal with such corruption. With such responsibility, The Crux Nexus is the only group that police and relegate anyone he uses magic or who is associated with users who use magic for corrupted purposes.

However, there are rules and traditions they must follow to appease the Seven Heavens, even though there is a leader who instructs The Crux Nexus called the Aethereal Queen, she too is bound by rules and regulations.

When there is the Aethereal Queen, there are the elected officials called the "Constellation Correlation" that represents their own country

which has ties with The Crux Nexus; Papua New Guinea, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Mercosur (which is composed of 6 sovereign member states: Argentina; Brazil; Paraguay; Uruguay; Bolivia and Venezuela), Chile, and the United States.

Although many countries are not bound by The Crux Nexus, many nationalities are familiar and associated like the Germans, the Irish, the Welsh and the Scottish. Now more than ever, cooperation between nations to handle such magical and supernatural threats are necessary and enforced to instill peace throughout the world. Their purpose is to manage all kinds of supernatural threats and keep things out of the public eye as much as possible.

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