Chapter Thirteen

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I watched as the butlers and maids picked up our plates and swiftly moved to the kitchen, all the while never getting in each other's way. It was like a dance, and I loved it.

I have no clue how to dance, I know if I ever tried it, I would step over my partners feet, and most likely fall. But who can blame me, I spent my life in solitude.

The king rises and beckons me towards him. I stand up and walk over to him. On the way, I have to pass Frederic. His hand brushes my thigh and I shiver from the feelings that passes through my body. Does he know what he is doing to me.

Of course he knows, you idiot. He's doing it on purpose, he wants us. My wolf purrs. Looks like she doesn't need any persuasion to jump into his arms.

But you don't want to do that, I have to remind myself before I lose myself in the thought completely. Of his hands in my hair, his fingers sending bolts of lightning dancing across my shivering skin. I shake myself out of my reverie and reach my king's side.

Why did I let this happen to me, if I had stayed away, if I never came to the castle that day. All these ifs, well it happened, you made the dumbest decision ever, are you happy? My wolf growls. Ouch, that hurt. I did make a stupid decision, but I can't change it.

"Come with me." His monotone voice says, not noticing the fact that I spaced out on him. I follow my orders and he leads the way out of the doors. Our feet slapping the ground as we walk is the only sound as we take turns. We wind up in front of doors I have never seen before.

"What is this?" I ask, not feeling any fear.

"This, my 'lovely' Queen, is where we question people that are suspected of commiting crimes."

His words ring in my head, crimes, I haven't committed any crimes. Why would he bring me here? What did I do? All I've done is follow his orders, I'm probably here just to witness someone else get questioned. I tried to reassure myself, but I failed.

I wipe my sweating hands on my dress, hoping to just go to bed without seeing anyone get hurt.

"Why am I here?" I ask, already regretting it. I never understood why people needed to show off their power to someone who doesn't care. The person who is being interrogated is probably some poor man who stole to feed his family. I frown at that thought, I hope that he is just giving me a tour.

"You are here because someone suspects you of having an affair with the newcomer, King Frederic." He spat out his name like it is filth.

I feel anger rising up and I fight an internal war. Why did he have to come here, he just causes problems. Then it hits me, I'm the one being questioned, because of him.

"Why would I have an affair with him when I have you? Do you not realize how much I don't like him right now." I ask.

"I don't know, why would you. Who cares, I will choose a new Queen after my guards get the information out of you. And to answer your last question, you hate him now, but you didn't before, that's all I need." He waves me off like I never meant anything.

Well, to be fair, you never did mean anything to him. My wolf says.

That's true, but I'm still a living person, he can't treat me like I am less than him because I'm not. I reply silently.

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