Two Truths

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Two Truths is a simple gaming app.

Complete the task or one of two truths about you will be revealed to the world. One truth is harmless, the other is not. Choosing which truth is revealed is not an option.

Attempt to stop the game, and there will be consequences for the people around you. Attempt to complete someone else's task and everyone's truths will be revealed.

Stopping the game is not an option.

Leaving the game is not an option.

The only way out is completing it.


For those who know of #AskAmy, the format of this story will be recognizable. To read this story you must have access to internet as the story is told though multimedia and it must be loaded. You can try and save the book to your library and read it offline, the images might pre-load so tell me if it works!

Two Truths is my second book to be written 70% through images. This story is looking to be almost 85% images such as text messages, emails, news reports and conversations within the app. Two Truths is a horror novel centred around current societal issues in relation to social media.

Two Truths has been dubbed as Nerve meets Unfriended.

WARNING: this story contains coarse language, drug & substance abuse, sexual assault, suicidal thoughts, violence (this is a horror story, there is much more shock factor), please read with caution.


This book is part of a mini universe of multimedia stories (can be read in any order):

ONE - #AskAmy - teen thriller - completed

TWO - Two Truths - college horror - ongoing

THREE - Silent Song - adult thriller - coming soon


To respect new readers, please post no comments on previous chapters that give away hints or surprises. If you find comments like this then please feel free to message me where the comment is and I will be more than happy to remove it.

Started: March 17, 2018 (#AskAmy anniversary)

Finished: N/A


March 2018

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