kirk Star trek

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imagine kirk cuddling you in the night because his scared someone will come and take you away from him.

imagine him telling you if he can have a whole night with you .he will let you be captain of the enterprise for the day .

imagine being the captain of the enterprise for the day and him keep moaning about it .

imagine your ill and he stops what his doing to see if you are OK. Kirk noticed that you hadn't came to your post yet which worried him because you worked hard not to miss work. And that's when bones came in and tells him your sick and he stops what his doing to go see you in the sick bay.

imagine being the only girl for him.

Imagine you are new to the ship and you see kirk and you remember him from the academy and how he used to tease you for being a nerd.

Imagine him smiling while he watches you dance around the kitchen baking. He loved being able to spend time with you

Imagine your son growing up to be like his dad kirk .which always lead him being told off one way or another.

Imagine him being goofy around you and having a laugh with you .no one ever got to see that side of him. Normally everyone saw him as the serious boss man. But with you he let his hair down.

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