Chekhov Star trek

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Rip anton yelchin missed but never forgotten xx

imagine him helping you with your make up and him having know clue what his doing so you look like a clown when his done .

imagine that someone was picking on him so you tell them to go away and stop talking bullshit to your boyfriend .

imagine helping him when the warp core stops working and him panicing so you kiss him and tell him to calm down . 

imagine him telling you storys about his home country .

imagine him being scared to ask you out. You and him had been friends for as long as he could remember and he didn't want to ruin what you both had as friends.

Imagine him seeing you again after a long time away from you. He had been on the enterprise for a long time and you had to stay on wart for a medical reason. So when you saw him you both ran to each other and wouldnt let go of each other.

Imagine have a daughter with him. He was over the moon when you told him you were having a girl.

Imagine him teaching you Russian and your not very good at it. You had

Imagine him when his drunk and he tells you everything that he wants to do to you .

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