𝙭𝙭. 𝙖𝙣𝙭𝙞𝙚𝙩𝙮

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( chapter twenty: anxiety )


"bob!" joyce cried out for him continuously. her face was wet with tears rolling down. tear after tear, she couldn't stop this pain.

the time seemed like it had slowed down. the two watched as bob - someone macy had just gotten closer to - was killed right in front of them. time had stopped.

"we have to go," macy tugged on joyce's scrubs, "i'm sorry. i'm sorry,"

macy felt as if it were her fault that bob had been attacked. if he went out first, she would've been dead and not him. joyce would be able to move.

but she was frozen; stuck in place in shock.

she couldn't move. she wouldn't move. macy remembers she has a gun in her back pocket, pulling it out of her jeans swiftly.

she points the gun towards the creature and steps a little closer. she began to shoot, but nothing worked. the gunshot was heard, but nothing came out. macy had then realized that the safety was on.

"shit, shit, shit," she looks all over the gun.

the demo-dog listens to the echo of the attempted gunshot. it looks towards macy and growled at her, but she was too focused on how to get the safety off.

the demo-dog leaps forwards towards the young girl, but the whip of a bat with nails whacked the creature away from her macy.

macy screams at the impact on how close it was, and she falls to the floor. she had landed in a horrible position on her arm and heard a bone crack beneath her.

she closes her eyes and winces at the pain in her arm. she couldn't lift herself up.

"hurry! get the girl up and go!" she opens her eyes to see the teen she met the night before. stephen? she thought inside her head. or was his name steve? she wasn't sure. she couldn't remember.

joyce and macy looked back at bob one more time, his body lifeless and drenched in his own floor around him. joyce couldn't bare to look anymore as tears streamed down her face, macy keeping a hand on joyce's back for balance.

the two ran out of the building, hopper and steve trailing behind them. joyce's face was still filled with tears, macy running towards the group of kids.

mike was trying to hold will up with all the strength he had within him, "what happened?!" he yells.

"c'mon mike! we have to go, now!" macy yells back, running with will's arm now around her shoulder. mike and macy tried the best they could to carry will.

"hurry! hurry!" macy heard yells coming from nevertheless her now close friends, rushing them into the van they took before.

"max!" macy exclaims, running into her step-sister's arms. max spots the other redhead and began to cry.

"i thought i was going to lose you." max cried into macy's shoulder, tears strolling down their pale and freckled faces.

macy sniffs, "i'm not going anywhere. i promise."

max and macy hold onto each other for a moment. macy never realized how attached they were to each other until she had experienced a near-death experience herself; and now that she has, she never wants to feel what she was feeling ever again.

she thought she was going to die. she thought she was taking her last breath as she saw a recap of the demo-dog jumping in front of her face, before steve had saved her life by whacking the bitch.

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