A Not-So Happy Reunion

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The first chapter got a lot more views than I thought so to say thank you I spent the time to get this chapter done and out today.

Jessie's POV

Team rocket are currently crouching behind a bush waiting for the twerps. They are just outside Pallet Town hoping for this ambush to work.

"I'm so hungry," James moaned.

"Stop your complaining, we all haven't ate in forever," I countered.

"How are you hungry? We've been sitting in this bush all day," Meowth asked. 'Stomach growls', "maybe I'm a little hungry."

"Guys I got an idea," I said.

"Since when do you come up with the ideas," Meowth said with that stupid little smirk on his face.

'Smack' was the only sound heard after that comment. Meowth was laying on the ground semi-unconscious after his run in with Jessie's hand.

"How about you tell us this amazing idea Jessie." James suggested sweat dropping.

I was still glaring at the two. Sometimes I wonder why I stay with these two bozos. "What if we were to pretend we made up with the twerp in Kalos?"

"And that would help us how?" James questioned.

"Twerp is coming home would be a celebration, celebration equals food, and if we get there before the twerp we may be able to get some food if we are all buddy-buddy with them." I said as my brilliant plan stunned them.

"That's       Actually       Somewhat
Good," Meowth got out barely breathing.

"I know," I replied.

"Let's get going, I'm starving," James cheered as he jumped in the air ready to go.

Team Rocket cheered there whole way down to Ash's house. The peaceful town scenery surrounded the three as they travelled. They got closer and closer until they could see inside through a window.

"Didn't the new twerpette go to Hoenn?" James asked.

"Now that she's there, this was pointless, who's dumb idea was it," I sighed.

"Hey Jess it was you this time," Meowth smirked.

'Bam' Meowth went flying into the tree in Jessie's hand vs Meowth 2.0.

"Well let's go back to headquarters to get a new assignment," I suggested.

"Not yet, there's got to be a reason for Serena to be here and w-", James started," most of the other twerps are there too."

Team Rocket scrambled to see further in side and James was right. All of Ash's travelling partners were talking to each other.

"Why do they all seem so serious?" Meowth observed.

"Get down," I whisper yelled.

Team Rocket quickly crouched down begins the closest bushes.

Bonnie's POV

Bonnie, Clemont and Ash were almost at their destination. It was all so peaceful, pidgeys were flying from tree to tree chirping their songs, people were calmly walking around chatting with neighbours but it was about to get a little less peaceful.

"Woah," I exclaimed as I saw the modest white house with pretty flowers everywhere. "Your Mom must be the GOAT of gardening."

"She is pretty good," Ash replied chuckling a little bit. Pikachu gave a sound of agreement.

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