Dad Wakes Up

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just a head's up. i suck at Journalistic stuff so the sugarscape article isn't going to be great. oh and this is a fake article Sugarscape did not write the article, and  i do not own sugarscape.


I was sat on my own in the hospital waiting room. Waiting for them to give me the okay so I could see my dad. Charlotte was in another room waiting to give birth. Which could be a few hours from now. Unfortunately they didn't want anyone in her room besides her husband and the doctor. Liam came over with two cups of coffee. He had gone back and gotten me a bag of everything that I needed to stay up tonight. Candy, a book, and my laptop. I really would be dead right now without him. I smiled mouthing a 'thank you' before taking a coffee off him. I took a big gulp before grabbing my laptop out of my bag and setting it on my lap. I opened it and immediately went to twitter.

Everyone seemed to still be talking about me and Liam and the picture, even Sugarscape had posted an article. That was something I would love to see. They always made everything very hilarious:


As we all remember, Liam Payne once upon a time had a wonderful girlfriend named Serena, they were very happy and lots of people loved them together. But then one day out of the blue they weren't together, and Liam replaced her with a wicked old toad named Delilah.

But now the days of Liam's stupidity are over! Liam and Serena were seen getting on a train to Bradford a few days ago. Everyone(including us) weren't sure what to think. I'm sure all of you were pretty surprised when they were seen HOLDING HANDS getting on and getting off the train.

Then the next day after everyone had shared their thoughts on the subject, they were seen walking down the street holding hands with probably THE CUTEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD and of course we did some snooping but that's a different story. Some fans caught up with them and we were lucky enough to find out that one girl video taped a conversation with Serena.

Basically to sum up what the video was about it was the girl asking Serena if Liam and her were going out. Unfortunately she denied it and claimed to have a boyfriend. But thanks to the incredible stalkers investigator's in the fandom, we have PROOF that Liam and Serena are together.

Honestly Liam and Serena if your going to kiss please keep it in the bedroom, honestly there are children at play at that park.'

there was a picture of Liam and Delilah in which they made her look like a witch, the video of me that the girl must have been taking, and then the dreadful picture. The picture of Liam and I kissing in the park. I laughed at the last part because apparently there were kids playing behind us. The whole article made me feel a little bit better, but the fact that Liam and I's rekindled relationship was out and in the open. We didn't even get a few days to try and figure out our relationship. I wasn't even sure how to respond to most of the tweets I was getting. Because most of them were asking me if Liam and I were back together. When in reality.. I didn't even know. Sure we kissed, and we broke up with our boyfriends/girlfriends. But we never truly talked about it.

I took a deep breath, seeing as I had nothing to do, now seemed like a better time then ever to talk to him. He looked over at me and smiled, rubbing my back. I cleared my throat. “hey um Liam?”

“yeah babe?”

“w-what are we?” I asked, he looked at me confused.

“what do you mean?”

“what are we Liam?” he chuckled.

“well, we are human really Rennie I think you need to go back to school-”

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