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(y/n)'s P.O.V.

i was sitting in my room holding my raiser knife in my hand stairing at my rist just thinking about all the shit thats rong with my life; my mom and dad are fighting all the time, kids in school hate me, all of my 'friends' are ditching me to hang out with Yui-cky Yosemity (sorry if that's anyone's name.), and my crush will never love me back because im to weak.

after all the "thinking" i dacied what have i got to lose, then i slice through my rist just centameters from the vain. then there wazs a knocking at my windo. i quicly bandeg my rist and open it "oh... it's you." i said in a mono tone voice acting like i didn't care "(Y/n) are ya ok?" Raph asked as he came in "yeah im fine." i said pulling  (F/c) jumper sleeves down further . "(Y/n) ya'r lieing" he said "no im not." i said "yes ya are, i can tell anytime somethin is rong you tug on ya'r sleevs." He said in a worried and angered tone 'i didn't think he cared.' "im fine." i said siting down in my pitch black room "(y/n) how can ya see in this stuff its dark in here" he asked "hmm" i said thinkin then my light flicked on ravialing my blood staind carpet and bandeges on my bed. "(Y/N) WHAT HAPPEND DID YA'R DAD HURT YA AGEIN!" he said grabing my rist "AHH, THAT HURTS YOU BLOODY MORON!" i screamed pulling my hands away "let me see." he said as he looked into my eyes "im...fine raph." i said " Ya'r hesitating." he said grabing my elbows and rolling my jumper sleves up. thats when he saw my bloody bandeges, he carfuly unraviled them and gasped "(Y/n) why?" he asked as he reraped them and pulled me into his lap "every one hates me!" i cryed out :"thats not true, and if people dont like ya there asshowls cause they cant see the purfect girl that they just walk away from." he said as he held me close. "i..l-l-love y-y-you r-r-raph." i wisped "i love ya to (Y/n), just promes me you wont ever do this agein." he said "i promes." i said as he held me tightly and kissed the top of my head

Raph's P.O.V.

she was so small compaired to me as i held her she slowly started to fall asleep and i laid by her side the entire night


hi Love's sorry for the lait update but i hade to go pick out dresses for a school dance and i need your help its a winter dance witch dress should i were

1 cheata print

2 mint green with gold sparkls

3 rainbow and wight striped

please coment witch one im not good with fation.

By Love's ~Marcellus

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