Chapter 04: Information Leak

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Their trip to the infirmary took more time than Genevieve would have liked, but getting tazed, the shit beat out of her, kicked in the head, and shot had really taken the wind out of her. Not to mention Ostergard wasn't in such great shape herself. They didn't say much on the walk back and halfway there Genevieve began walking of her own accord. Once they reached the infirmary, they grabbed a medical kit and began tending to their wounds. Ostergard slowly came out of shock as they worked, getting angrier and angrier.

"I can't fucking believe this...I fucking knew I shouldn't have trusted that son of a bitch. But what I can't figure out is why he did this," she said, tending to a head wound she'd received, staring at it in one of the mirrors.

"Makes no sense," Genevieve agreed, focused on her own wound. She found some false skin and after getting some antibiotics into the wound and injecting it with a local anesthetic, she sprayed the foamy stuff into the ugly red groove in her flesh. Once that was done, she placed a bandage over it and began tending to the other wounds.

"I can only hope that the bastard didn't kill everyone else before he got to us...shit, I've been with this crew for two years now..."

Genevieve tuned the woman out, but she did feel bad. In fact, she felt guilty. She had used them all as bait and now all but one of them very well could be dead. She finished tending to her wounds and then helped Ostergard with hers, and clean the blood off her face.

"What should we...I'm not sure I know what to do," Ostergard said.

She'd been pretty competent before, and Genevieve figured that, given enough time, she would be again, but all of this was a little much for her. Understandable. But they didn't really have time for the moment.

"All right, Ostergard, listen," Genevieve said as they finished. "We're going to go to the reactor bay, okay?"

"Why?" Ostergard asked after a moment.

"When Wesley turned on the power, he only brought some of the reactor online. If we're going to activate the BioScan, we'll need more power. It's a secondary system, not a primary one, and he only brought primary systems online."

"Okay. Uh...let's get going then...we should hurry," Ostergard replied.

"Yeah," Genevieve said, pulling out her pistol.

"You don't think there might be other people here, do you?"

Genevieve led her across the infirmary and back into the network of corridors that crisscrossed the mining installation.

"I don't know," she replied. "We were getting weird readings when we came in. He could have other people here," Genevieve said, but she didn't believe it. She didn't think there were any other human beings left alive on this installation besides herself and Ostergard. But it was as close as she could get to telling her something that would make her wake up and take notice. Other humans were a threat she could recognize.

However, as they began making their way through the facility, looking for the reactor bay, Genevieve began to feel even more threatened and hunted than she had been before. The shadow that was thrown over the installation grew thicker and darker than ever. And she wasn't the only one that could feel it. Ostergard was jumpy and nervous and, what was worse, she didn't seem to be recovering from the vague stupor that Ross's attack and death had left her in. If anything, she was growing quieter, less coherent.

Had some permanent damage been done?

Was her brain bleeding?

Genevieve decided she couldn't risk it and that she would take Ostergard back to the infirmary right after activating the secondary functions of the base. Part of her wanted to take the woman back right now to get her scanned, (not that there was a lot she could do for a brain bleed), but she also knew it was more than likely the brain scanning equipment wasn't turned on. All the more reason to hurry up. She took another corner and paused as the entrance to the reactor bay came into view. Perfect. She took a look around, then hurried up to it.

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