|Alec Hardy| "Willing To Open Up."

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"Y/N come on, we have some more evidence

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"Y/N come on, we have some more evidence." Alec called.
Y/N neatened her attire before grabbing hold of her jacket proceeding to follow the detective outside.

The Dorset air was overpowered by the salt in the sea mixing with the small rocks and grains of sand within it.

Ellie soon followed them, greeting the pair. Y/N greeted Ellie with a genuine smile where as Alec greeted her with his typical nonchalant tone.

"What's the new evidence?" Y/N spoke turning to Alec, meeting his stern gaze. He looked at her, his eyes slowly softening as he sighed.

"We have another witness who has come forward, saying she saw a man wearing black clothes and a hat, throwing away a bin bag of what seemed to be clothes."
Y/N took in the information before nodding slowly.

"May I ask for the source?" Y/N questioned.
"My sister." Ellie spoke.
Y/N nodded, recalling the name of Ellie's sister before quickly sketching it down in her notepad.

"Anything from our vision guy?" She enquired.
The Scottish man sighed deeply again, before shifting his gaze to the ocean once more.
"I don't believe in his shit Y/N... So no I haven't heard from him."
"He was right about the boat..." Y/N spoke, now agitating the male.

He looked over and sent her a glare, causing her to sigh, shaking her head before looking away once more.
"That was just a coincidence..."
"Maybe it wasn't-"
"Damnit L/C why won't you take no for an answer! If you can't work professionally and want to listen to your little friend then go ahead and leave. Go on! Get out of my sight Y/N!"

Her heart stopped for a moment as she stepped back, hearing the words fall from his mouth. Surely he didn't mean it. Yet there he stood, glaring at her with no single inch of remorse. She gulped before turning on her heel briskly walking away, feeling a few tears fall down her cheeks.

Ellie watched as she departed before looking back to Alec who watched Y/N leave. The remorse now evident in his expression.
She stepped next to him and sighed.

"You can't keep pushing her away like that... She's trying to help you."
"Don't start Miller..." He scolded. Still continuing to watch Y/N as she stepped away.
"Alec... Can't you see what you've done. She cares so much about this case and so much for... Dare I say it... You Alec."
Alec looked down for a moment. Before turning to look at the ocean again.
"I know..."
"Then why turn her away like that?"
"It's... Complicated Miller..." He sighed brushing his hair back.
"She's not going to hurt you like your previous wife."

Alec froze for a moment. Because he knew Ellie was correct. Y/N could never hurt him even if she tried. Alec couldn't stay angry at her for long. He regretted his decision once she departed.


As Y/N walked she couldn't help but feel anger towards Alec. Then again that was impossible. She walked along the cliff, taking care near the edge as she gazed out to the ocean. Taking in the views around her.

She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. A yawn emitted from her mouth as she removed it from her pocket gazing at the incoming message.
'It was me...'
Her heart stopped again as she quickly called the station asking to have the number tracked.


Alec and Ellie arrived back at the station. The Scottish man walked towards Y/Ns office. His heart sinking after realising she wasn't there.

He walked back to his desk before hearing the door open. Gazing at a shocked and disturbed Y/N. He began to get up before watching her hastily grab some files on the murder, dashing out the room.


"I need to understand Joe. Why you did it? I need the details." Y/N tried to remain calm.

"If I can't understand it why should you?" The man stressed.
Y/N flinched and sat back in her chair, sighing quietly.
A knock emerged from the door. Y/N sighed and turned on her chair.
"Come in."
The door opened, revealing a worried Alec. Joe looked past the H/C, his eyes widening as he saw him.
"He admitted it." Y/N spoke softly, standing up from her chair.

She backed away into the corner as Alec watched her timid movements, before taking her position at the desk.


After Joes full confession had been noted and documented, Y/N left the room quickly before Alec had the chance to talk to her.

"Y/N?!" Alec called across the room of detectives and officers.
Ellie glanced towards Y/N, who now sat in her own small office, which was walled with glass, she listened to the small click of the lock on her door; and the aggravated DI Hardy soon after.


Y/N had been right this entire time, and Alec knew it, he knew Ellie was right to, both were right in the sense that he locked himself away, and how he wouldn't trust anyone or let anyone in.

And here Y/N sat against her office door. In tears over the fact of who the killer was and the fact that Alec had pushed her away to her limit.

Alec knocked gently on the door, she jumped and glanced at it before slowly opening it revealing the DI who had been evidently listening to her sobs.

"I'm sorry." He spoke.

She wiped her cheeks and turned away walking back over to her desk to sit at it.

"Y/N please talk to me..." He stepped inside her office, closing the door behind himself.
She looked over at him and shook her head.

"Why? Give me one reason."
"Because I don't want you to lock me out..."
"Lock you out? That's coming from you? The detective who listens to no one but himself, a man who locks everyone out of his life who tries to help, Alec and you're telling me not to shut myself away. I cared about you since you got here and all you ever did was push me away, I cared about you Alec, and you knew that you were just too fucking stubborn to let me help you. So don't talk to me about locking myself away..."

"Y/N I'm sorry..."

"And I'm sorry that you can't see why I care for you."

Y/N sighed and walked towards the door, Alec grabbed her shoulders and took her chin in one hand bringing it closer to his face, she gazed at his eyes and slowly went a dark pink. Alec leant down gently pressing his lips against hers.

"I'm so sorry Y/N, I'm willing to open up to you now, I promise."


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