Our Future Part 1.

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One Year Later......

One year flew by pretty fast and it was a good and bad thing. Scarlett's been growing up perfectly and I swear she looks exactly like her mother but Kendall says that she's going to have my attitude which wont be a bad thing. Hopefully. She's been growing up to fast though and myself and Kendall often find ourselves wanting to have her back to being a baby, but we do enjoy our sleep right now.

She turned one a month ago and you could imagine the excitement within our families and us. We planned a big party for her with close family and friends and it was themed Micky Mouse since the kid was obsessed with it. The amount for things she got on her birthday I didn't even in my whole life....okay maybe I'm overexerting but she did get a lot of things. Kendall and I didn't mind though cause she was our princess.

Kendall and I. It felt good to say that, we were doing perfect and there weren't any problems. They were obviously some fights but we got through it. I don't know what it is but something about the way we acted and are with each other is different and its a good different. It was the kind of different that I craved, I didn't want another chance with her to go to waste and it hasn't. I fell in love with her even more, if that's even possible.

Our jobs were extremely demanding but thankfully everyone has been understanding and stuff cause after all we didn't want to be those parents that put their jobs in front of their kids. Our parents didn't do it to us so we're not going to do it to them. We wanted to have another kid but I think we both want to wait until marriage. Media's been on our asses but we try not to expose Scarlett to it to much cause after all, she's still a baby.

Kendall:"Babe!"She said excitedly as her face appeared on my screen. Kendall had to go to Paris for a week for a photoshoot and she was upset about it but it was her job plus I knew she was also excited for it even though she wouldn't see us.

Y/n:"Hello baby"I said making Scarlett look up at me from my lap making me chuckle"Scar look, its mommy"I said making her eyes light up.

Scarlett:"Mommy!"The little one yelled excitedly making me chuckle while her mother awed.

Kendall:"Hello my little princess"She said as her eyes seemed to match the sparkle in Scarletts. I watched as my little one and Kendall had a conversation making me chuckle at times since Scarlett couldn't say some words.

Scarlett:"Mommy I miss you! When are you coming home?"She asked making myself and Kendall frown. There was something about Scarlett that we all picked up.

When she got attached to you, she got attached to you. I went out of town about a week ago for two days and Scarlett threw a tantrum because she wanted me back home. There was also the time when Bella and Abel spent the day with her and she didn't want to come home so she stayed over. But the next day wasn't so pretty.

Kendall:"I know baby, Mommy misses you to but I have to do some work and then I'll be home before you know it"She said trying to cheer her up which worked.

Scarlett:"You pwomise"She said making me chuckle while Kendall nodded.

Kendall:"Promise"She said making Scarlett smile. I heard the door open and scream erupt from the door.

"Scarlett!"I hearps the girls and guys yell making me chuckle and let her go.

Y/n:"Say bye to Mommy and then go to your aunties and uncles"I said making her nod.

Scarlett:"Bye Mommy! I wuv you"She said and blew a kiss to Kendall making her awe and do the same. She jumped off me and ran towards the door.

Y/n:"Scarlett! No running!"I yelled and heard a giggle making me shake my head.

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