**warning I was a CARROT when I wrote this sigh**

but I'm not embarrassed, because this is just a remind of how far I've come as a writer and this was really how I got started.

I have gone through and edited out most of the carrot jokes and Kevin and stuff, but just know this was one of my first stories and it is certainly not my best.

Thank you.


"You spoiled little brat! You and your sister ruined my life!" My horrible step dad Walter yelled as he chased my little sister Ella around the room. He was holding a long, wooden cane that he beat me with before. Would he take it out on little Ellie? He'd never really hit her before, mostly yelling at her. She was crying and running around the room to avoid him. I had tears in my eyes just watching.

Save her, stop him, A voice in my head whispered. Save her!

Finally, I stood up and ran towards them in agony, since my leg had been hit relentlessly by Walter earlier.

"You leave her alone!" I yelled at him, quickly rushing over and standing in front of Ellie, my nickname for Ella, protectively. I was scared out of my mind really, but I refused to let him win this time. I had to be brave for Ella.

"Oh, so now it's Miss Megan to the resuce!" He said sarcastically, a wicked smile on his face. His smile was cold and threatening, making me cringe. Maybe this was the end. I was going to die. At least Ellie would be safe, right? I slowly backed up, Walter's eyes piercing into mine. They were full of evil. Fear was spreading through my whole body as I felt the wall behind me. I felt Ellie behind me, and saw that she was shaking. Poor girl didn't deserve any of this.

"Ellie, shh, it'll be okay." I tried to tell her, but Walter just laughed.

"Okay?! Okay!" He laughed again. his laugh sending chills down my spine. "Not everybody gets a happy ending in life, Megan. You clearly don't deserve one!" He was about to swing at me till I looked over to my right and saw a vase on a bookcase. It'd have to do. I quickly grabbed it and swung it, crashing it over his head, glass breaking and leaving a large cut on his forehead. He felt his forehead after stumbling a bit. He cursed under his breath as he saw that the red liquid seeping through his fingers. "You little -"

"LANGUAGE!" I yelled and quickly scopped my six year old sister in my arms. I didn't want her cursing anytime soon and tried to set a good example when no one else would. I ran up to my room. I had so many memories. I quickly touched my blue and pink bedding, my soft white pillows, and looked at the books on my bookcase. My stepdad had plenty of money, being a business man and all, so he let me decorate my room. Mum helped but, I never really saw her much. She was a lawyer, never really having time to spend time with us. I didn't care. I reached under my bed and picked up the suitcases I packed in advance. Finally, I had enough.

"Meg," I heard my little sister's tear choked voice. I stopped putting our tolietries in the bags and looked into her big brown eyes. She traced her little hands along a small scar on my face and I smoothed out her curly brown hair. "No more?"

I knew immediately what she was talking about. She meant no more pain. No more tears. No more restless nights when Ella would be clinging onto her teddy bear, crying her eyes out.

"No more." I promised her, and looked in my jewlery box where I saved over 500 pounds (about 790 American dollars) for when we finally decided to run away. I showed her 2 tickets to a One Direction signing.

We were going to meet Liam, my older brother that I never met.

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