La Rose Argentée by Emeline Barois

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Story Author: EmelineBarois

Genre/Tags: Werewolf Novel friendship  hunters  coyotes wolves metamorphosis fox romance

Review: La Rose argentée – The Silver Rose – is the perfect book for all werewolves' story lovers who are sick and tired of the usual "he is my mate and he claimed me but he is such a **** oh and he is so damn attractive" storyline. 

Although the story starts off by yet another cliché – the eighteen-year-old girl moving out to go to uni – the rest of the book takes an unexpected turn. 

What I particularly enjoy in this story is that the author takes her time to develop the story and her characters whilst giving away elements and hints about the main plot. It doesn't feel rushed, which is enjoyable. It surely advocates in favour of the author and leaves us with the certainty that she has tied her plot together well in advance. 

The book is also packed with beautiful friendships, the usual relationship drama that never really gets old, but also lots of action and mystery. As someone who is usually not into werewolves, I have found myself hooked by the story and binged the chapters in a few days.

Overall, it is a great book! Each chapter includes relevant media – soundtrack or pictures – that never failed to make me wonder what the chapter would be about.       

Reviewed by: kat_butterfly

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