Chapter 1- Server shutdown

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YGGDRASIL, the most popular DMMO-RPG of all time, was officially shutting down all servers tonight at midnight.

I had got on for the last day because of my old guild, some of my best friends, we're coming back to remember it. I just hoped I'm not too late.

I had a job and a regular life. So getting on to play games wasn't at the top of my to-do list. In fact, I hadn't touched my old gear or played a game in months. I had just arrived home late from my job after working over time.

I️ wonder who else will be on?

I was one of the last people to play this game in my old group. There were 41 of us in total, we all spent tons of time in this game, some people a little to much time.

I heard the startup sound of the game. I focused and looked around as the world spawned in around me.

I was in our old guild base. " The Great Tomb Of Nazarick" was its name. I was in a hallway. The walls were lined with black marble and the floors were made of smoothed out stone.

Which hallways is this again?

I often got lost in this place now, but back when I used to play all the time, I knew it like my own home.

As I opened my inventory to see if I had a map on me, I noticed a mirror against the wall where I logged in. It sat on top of a dresser.

It was in pristine condition. I saw myself in the mirror and was stunned. I forgot how weird I looked.

My character was not human, in fact, the only thing it had in common with a person was the way it stood. I️ was like a cloud of gas. I walked, or I️ guess I️ should say floated on two legs, I had two arms with clawed fingers at the end of each hand.

I wore a beautiful black robe. Jewels were embedded all across it. a huge Scythe was around my shoulder and onto my back. My character floated in place.

My face was the same color as the rest of my body, a black and purple color. It was hidden under a deep mist surrounding my face. Only my eyes and mouth were visible. My eyes were yellow with a small hint of black for the pupils. my mouth was one of the only normal parts about me. A black, misty aura was visible around my misty form, though it was faint.

If I remember right.....

My hands and mouth disappeared into the mist and my eyes went pure yellow, it was really creepy, but it was how this species usually looked. I changed back seconds after I remembered.

The reason I looked like this was a huge reason I was apart of the guild. Only nonhuman races could join. So it was either this or weirder stuff.

I used to be so edgy.....

Just then, I looked down in the left-hand corner of my screen, the time was shown there.

It was 11:20 pm.

How long have I been staring at this mirror? I need to meet up with everyone!

I panicked and floated down the hallway at full speed. If I was right, this path would lead me straight to the old meeting hall.

Just as I remembered the path, I saw a huge set of doors farther ahead. I ran down the hallway and straight through the doors. With a loud bang, I entered the meeting hall.

I saw all 41 of our old chairs around a huge table. The chairs and table looked like they were made for royalty.

???: ah, you made it Sonus! I wasn't expecting anybody else.

I looked down to the end of the table to see my old guild master, Momonga and my old friend hero-hero at the end of the table staring at me.

Momonga was in royal robes of purple and back. Two red orbs sat on each of his robes shoulders. By the way, he was undead. A true skeleton.

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