2. Oh how sweet love can be

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So I posted some more for you guys to read. Enjoy!


“Come on, you have been in there for hours. How much can a girl look at her self in the mirror?” I yelled to my friend. Almost every girl enjoyed to dress up and put makeup on, but I doubt that anyone seriously needed that much time.

 “I have to look good you know, but because some of us doesn’t have an amazing and hot boyfriend,” she said while coming out. I threw a pillow at her.

“You said yourself that you were ready to enjoy being single after your last boyfriend, and I don’t think you should complain. I have been single much longer than you,” I said and threw her a glance. And that was a hard but true fact. For a very long time I had given up on boys, everyone was just after something really serious. The sound of a boyfriend sounded horrible to me, and reminded me more of being trapped than anything else. But even though the word boyfriend sounded bad, there was one word that sent shivers down my back. Love. In my ears, when somebody said that they loved you, you were fucked. That made everything very serious and complicated and no one ever said it without expecting it back. Two relationships were ruined by that horrible word. We had it great for some time, but it wasn’t long until he said the horrible word and when I didn’t say it back, everything went downhill.

Luckily Rick was different, he agreed with me. We fitted perfect together and he was everything I wanted in a boy.

I turned around and met her face. The light brown hair was pulled to her left side. My friend Anna was a beautiful girl, but there was no point in telling her.

“Yeah, whatever. You have said it yourself; you’re not the biggest fan of love. You always complain about boys being to clingy,” she said.

“Well, that doesn’t matter now, I have Rick and he fits me perfectly,” I said while smiling at her.

I turned away from her and looked at my self in the mirror. It showed a girl, with long and thick blonde hair. The dress I wore had carefully been picked out by Anna. It was black, really short and looked like it was glued to my body. In other words, I hated it. It didn’t just make me look like a prostitute it made me look fat. Unfortunately I had no other choice but to wear it. Because when Anna had made up her mind there was no point to try to go against her will.

“And by the way, I look like a prostitute,” I said while I looked disgusted at my dress. “If this dress was any tighter I’d probably be laying on the floor because it would stop the blood from running through my veins,” I said and hoped she would agree so I could take the horrible dress of.

“Shut up, you look hot and you know it,” she said and ended the discussion. Of the two of us I was probably the most stubborn, but when Anna made up her mind on things like these I couldn’t convince her otherwise.

 “But you remember, this is a girls night out, and there is no cheesy texting with your hottie,” she said with a strict voice. The music was playing a good party song and I started dancing.

“Party all night, without my boyfriend,” I said while laughing. She smiled approvingly before joining me into the dancing. After about ten minutes with some crazy dancing we were interrupted by a knock on my door. There was no chance of it being my parents, because they left to Italy a couple days ago. Who could it be?

I went slowly towards the door. I threw Anna a glance. We kind of had a bad experience with being home alone at night. For many years ago we were convinced we were going to die for a moment, but luckily it was just some drunken girls. She looked back at me and we both smiled. No way that it could be dangerous. It wasn’t even dark out.

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