Zouis Reunion!!

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Louis' POV

For everyone in this world, there is something which gives them a bliss just like that. It may be the lamest thing in the world but it is also the smallest thing that matters. To me the view in front of me, my roommate.

He was facing my side as he was peacefully sleeping with the blanket over him. Curls were all over his forehead, his lips in a straight line and even breathe. But unfortunately, he was wearing his shirt while sleeping.

He shifted in his bed and slowly opened his eyelids. His green eyes meet mine for a few seconds. It was like I'm seeing the old Harry, the one who has so much love and care. His eyes held both of them right now but he realised it and turned. He mumbled something but before I could ask anything the front door opened.

Who is coming here this early..?

Emily.? What the hell she's doing here?

Wondering who is Emily? She's... My girlfriend. Yes, you guys heard it right and guess what? I forgot that my girlfriend is existing after I saw Harry.

"Hey, Lou!" She smiled at me and I tried to smile back at her but failed. I turned to look at Harry who was in shock as well as disgusted. Great, now he'll completely ignore my presence.

Emily came near me and sat on my lap as she pecked my lips. I scrunched my nose and gave her a disgusted look but she was too busy to notice that.

Wait! I was disgusted because of her. It never happened before. I saw not so pleased in kissing her but I never regretted it.

Why I'm so nervous about kissing my girlfriend in front of Harry? It's not like I and Harry are a thing now but I'm afraid of what he would say.

"Lou, you've got a new roomm- Harry?" Emily asked in surprise and grinned at him. Harry looked at her with the same blank expression.

Before you guys ask this question, Harry and Emily very well know each other 'cause we three went to the same high school.

"Hi, Emily."

"It's nice to see you again!" She cheered.

"I would like to say it to you again but my mouth doesn't cooperate with me." She let out a laugh and Harry rolled his eyes when she didn't see him.

"You haven't changed a bit, Harry, same funny and sarcastic duh!" Emily said and Harry gave her a small fake smile.

My Gosh! How the hell would I tell this girl that he truly meant it and it was not sarcasm?! And moreover, how do I face Harry?!

"Em, how did you get into boys dorm room?" I asked her grabbing her attention. I could feel Harry's eyes burning into my soul. I tried my best to ignore that.

"Babe, it's morning and I've got an excuse to see my beautiful boyfriend," Emily replies, kissing my cheek. Harry tensed and tried his best to control himself.

We talked for a few more minutes and I could feel Harry's cold stare. I somehow sent Emily out of our dorm room and sighed in relief.

"Um... Harry, it's not what it's like.. I mean Em-" Harry looked at me and raised his hand asking me to stop.

"Tomlinson, do you really think I care? If you do, I'm so sorry to disappoint you 'cause I don't freakin' care whom you kiss or fuck!" Harry said bitterly and went to the bathroom.

I feel tears pricking at the back of my eyes 'cause it hurts. It hurts so fucking much. I haven't got hurt this much but now. I can understand he's broken because of me but that doesn't mean that I don't care about him.

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