Simon raised his eyebrow, looking between Louis and I. “What do you think?”

What do I think? Is he really asking me that right now? What does he think I’m thinking? “Honestly, Simon? I think this is a stupid idea and we can’t act well enough to pull it off. I would never date my best friend, I’m perfectly straight thank you very much, and why is it only us that has to go through this? We’d be suffering and the other boys would get to continue their normal lives and see whoever they want to see.” I was fuming.

Turning to look at Louis, I saw that his shoulders were a bit slumped and his face had fallen even more. What could possibly have worsened his mood other than Simon’s announcement?

“Harry… are you saying you don’t like me?” Tears welled up in his eyes. Wait a second, he thought that since I didn’t want to date him it meant…

“No, Louis, it wasn’t meant to insult you, I’m just not gay and I’m not interested in dating any boy. I love you Boo,” I saw, leaning over to hug him tightly.

“In answer to your question of why we chose you,” Simon starts, “there’s your answer. You two already act the most like a couple, and the fans love you together. You are the best option we have. And you don’t have to act that much, since you’re already so couple-like toward each other. Just, you know, ramp up the romance side a bit, like holding hands and cuddling in interviews and flirting and such.”

So I have to not only announce to the world that I am gay and dating my best friend, but I have to actually act like we’re in a loving relationship? This is sounding worse by the minute.

“What about our real relationship? As best mates? Did you ever think of what could happen to us as our real selves by doing this? What if it gets awkward and we can’t be so close anymore, then what?” Louis spoke, seemingly reading my mind.

“Don’t worry about that, we’ll see what to do if it happens. For now, just keep the plan in your mind and think about how you’re going to announce your relationship tomorrow. Please don’t back out on it, we will just keep sending you to interviews until you do what we want. I’m sorry it has to be like this, boys, but the publicity is good for you.” I’ve decided that I will no longer consider Simon to be my uncle. How could he do this to Louis and me? Toy with our emotions and our bond?

I’m generally up for a good prank or scandal, but this was different. When you mess with someone I’m close to, it’s a different story. And I was positive that fake-loving Louis was going to ruin our strong connection. If there was one thing I never wanted to lose, it would be him, and I could already feel the pain setting in just thinking about it.

Liam cleared his throat. “I think I’ll be taking them home now. I can’t believe you would do this to them, Simon. We trusted you, we really did, but you’ve ruined that for all of us now. The only reason we will agree is that we owe you for helping us get to where we are today. Goodbye, Simon and the rest of management. We’ll be seeing you tomorrow, I assume.” Wow, Liam must’ve been really upset but not showing it in his expression. I’ve never heard him angry before, or say anything against Simon or our management. My heart swelled as he stood up for Louis and I.

Standing up, we filed out of the meeting room, took the elevator down, and walked silently out to the van. I was sure I looked a mess, with my curls going all directions due to me running my hands through them and tear tracks on my cheeks. The rest of the boys weren’t much better. The air in the van on the way back was tense, and I was glad when we finally arrived home.

            Running upstairs, I flung myself onto my bed, curling up in the pillows. Why? That was all I could think. My life was going so well! I had four best friends, a nice career doing something I love and making lots of money, a loving family, and a massive group of fans. How could one little thing suddenly make my life seem so much worse? Before, I had everything to gain. Now, I felt as if I had everything to lose.

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