Chapter 4

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"THIS is your school??" He frowns.

"The Cambridge Royals Unite, CRU Princess Academy"

You say. "Oh, Academy." He mumbles. You frown. "What do you mean?" You ask. "It's nothing— well actually I'm a bodyguard and I've been one for years. I have guarded a lot before you. Even royals. But they were more like some business bros or working madams," he says.

"None of them went to school and also, they were older. A lot older— than you." You nod.

"So It's my first time. Going to the school of a Princess who I'm a bodyguard of." He chuckles softly.

"Oh, so it's new for you.. I see." You nod for a second but when you think more about it, you start to smirk.

"What's with you?" He asks you, noticing that you are smirking for a while now.

"Well. Watch out for them.. girls."

"At least you think I'm capable of making girls run after me," he chuckles.

"So what is that you noticed?" He smirks.

"Oh shut up." You roll your eyes.

"Shit! Chyun Ha, look! A new transfer?"

"Wow! J-just— look at him! So handsome!"

"Who's he? A new transfer?"

"Who the fuckin— hell is he— hot?!"

"I'm wet for you already~!"

"Fuck me daddy!"

"Shit— papi. Oh shit— red hair."

"I'm cuming."

You're disgusted. This is so disgusting. Even Jungkook looks scared now. You bump him. "You are here to protect me but before that, protect yourself." You say as he gulps.

First day and he already have thousands of fan girls.

"Well. D-damn fuck." He whispers.

"Your fan girls." You say. "I'm aware if it. Jealous much?" He smirks as you roll your eyes. Suddenly he leans in to whisper, "Don't worry Princess. I'm not like that. And there's no way I'm leaving your side," he says, "A-and after all, I'm your bodyguard."

You, in somewhat way start to feel better as you sigh in relief. You smile to yourself as you enter your class.

"You." You say to him as he turns to face you. "Stand outside of this classroom." He frowns. "You can't go inside. They'll probably kick you out." You say as your eyes travels up and down his body.

He scoffs.

"Well then, her Highness. I'm standing out here. If you need anything, just—"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm aware of it already." He smiles as he adjusts himself just outside of the class, near the door.

You are entering as you notice some girls staring at your bodyguard and sending him their disgusting winks.

You shouldn't care. Like— at all. But the problem is, he's your bodyguard. A Princess's personal bodyguard and he can't be treated in a disgusting way. If they do this to him, they do this to you.

And if he's your bodyguard, then how dare they.

"Get in." You mutter to him, your teeth gritting. He frowns as he quietly follows you inside, not knowing why you suddenly acted this way.

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