Chapter 5

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"What the fuck do you want?" You frown. "Our Princess Min Yuri the great has finally figured out that the tingling sensation in her heart was caused my your bodyguard, Jeon Jungkook." Oh.

"Oh well.. hello there, Princess Min Yuri the great." You scoff. "I didn't knew you're one of his fan-girls." You say. "So sad. But your bodyguard isn't yours now." She says as she pushes you and your back harshly slams on the restroom's wall. She pulls you and you fall down on the rusty floor. You feel a pain on your knee as you hiss. It's bleeding. "Bitch" She says as  you roll your eyes. "If I am a bitch, then you're a fucking ass-

"Mind your language, Yeonha. You're talking to Princess Min Yuri." A girl of the group scoots in between. "Well then, you're also talking to Princess Lee Yeonha, jack-ass." You smirk. "Mind your language!" Yuri screams as she pulls your collar. "Get off me!" You attempt to push her away.

All you try to do is to stop the fight every time this group approaches you. But today, you're late as the World war 97 takes place.


Jungkook is standing outside the restroom as he hears a voice he wasn't expecting to hear this soon, "WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!" Jungkook flinches as he knew this voice came from inside. Jungkook takes a second as he kick opens the door. "What the-

He mumbles as he sees a girl above you. "Princess!" He shouts as he approaches you. "What on the world happened! Are you stupid?! Why did you even started a fight?!" He shouts multiple things at you. 

You've got to be kidding me. I started the fight? You think as you give Jungkook a glare.

"L-look what have they done to you. Your dress.. is all... a mess now..." He says. "Ya! I don't even know why they started this fight! I just don't get what they want from me!" You whisper to Jungkook but Min Yuri is fast enough as she hears it. "Bitch, I have already told you what I want-

"Manners!" Jungkook shouts at Min Yuri as she gasps. "You're teaching me manners? You don't even know how much of manners she have!" She shouts. Jungkook picks you as he lifts you up in his arm.

"Wait." You whisper to Jungkook. He stops the second he hears your voice. "I think I should.." He nods. "You should. Apologize to her." You sigh. "Look Min Yuri.. I am sorry for today. Though, It wasn't my fault-

"Whatever. But he's mine." You sigh. "Have Him." You smile as she frowns. "Have him, Min Yuri. I am not going to compete that who's going to get him" you say, "but trust me. You're going to get nothing." She frowns. "Huh, She always gets what she wants. So Mind your business, you little jack-ass." The same girl of that group speaks. Jungkook sighs.

"Using my words on me now, eh?" You raise an eyebrow. "Well, Mina is right. I always get what I want." Yuri scoots in. "We will share him girls." She says. "OMG! Princess you're so caring.." Mina says as Jungkook forms a weird expression, expressing how disgusting they are.

"Are you fucking serious?" He says. "Share him." You chuckle. "I have to be somewhere, now."

Jungkook lets you go as you make your way outside the restroom. Jungkook follows you. "Well, where are you going, Mr. Handsome?" Min Yuri calls Jungkook. "Who the fuck-

"Jungkookie!" You say as Jungkook's eyes widens and he looks at you, frowning, tilting his head lightly. "She's princess Min Yuri the great! Don't talk to her like that!" You say, controlling your chuckle. "Oh." He says. "Hello there, Sister! I think I've heard about you before." He smiles as you start to laugh.

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