Chapter 21: The Date

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"Samara I'm freaking out!" I screamed in her face, shaking her shoulders like a mad woman. "I don't want to go on this date!"

Samara rolled her eyes and sighed. "Then why would you say yes?"

I took a step away from her, looking at the messy floor, afraid to look up. Samara may be one of my best friends but she is super intimidating. Sometimes, I feel like I'm talking to my mother rather than my friend. "Because I felt guilty if I said no and-"

I swung over to my right, where Darian was sitting in the chair by my desk, eating Ramen noodles, not paying attention to mine and Samara's conversation. "He told me to!"

Darian stopped eating his noddles and slurped up the noodle hanging out of his mouth. "Sweetie, you're just nervous."

"I agree with Darian, you're just nervous," Samara said. She took my hand and led me to my bed. "You sit here and I will find you an outfit to wear for tonight."

Samara searched around my room, attempting to find me the perfect thing to wear for the date. Even more clothes were thrown on my floor by the time she was through with all my clothes. "Aha! Perfect."

She held up a pair of black leggings, a white sleeveless blouse with lace trailing from the chest upwards, and my black leather jacket. "Voilà!"

I gave my friend a sheepish smile. "Thank you, Sam."

She shoved the clothes in my arms and spun me out of the room. "Get dressed and wear your black lace up boots!"

An hour later, I was ready. Darian took charge of my hair, curling it and then putting it in a high ponytail. I've never really enjoyed having my hair up, but the way Darian did it, I didn't mind. Samara helped me with my makeup, making my eyes pop with colour and tinting my lips slightly with some gloss. As I looked in the mirror, I thought I looked good, pretty even. But I worried I was overdressed for a dessert and a movie.

A knock on the door snapped me out of my thoughts and I immediately felt light headed. This is such a mistake. Maybe I could pretend to faint and I could get out of this, but I was too late, Samara swung open the door and said, "Hey, Hayden! Here's your girl!"

She pushed me out of the door and I smacked my head on  Hayden's hard chest. 

"Ouch," I mumbled as I rubbed my head. I looked at Hayden and gave him a smile. "Sorry about that."

Hayden put his arm around my shoulders and brought me close. He gave me a smile and his green eyes lit up. "No worries, ready for our date?"

I nodded my head and we began to walk to the elevator and out the front entrance. We didn't talk much, however, Hayden kept his arm around me which made it difficult to walk and part of me wanted to shrug it off but I didn't want to seem rude. Once we reached the pub, part of me was relieved, at least we could talk about the menu or something other than the weather I lamely brought up five minutes ago.

We sat at our usual booth at the back and I glanced around the pub to make sure Nathan wasn't here, when I didn't see him, I relaxed. Having him interrupt my date wasn't something I particularly wanted.

Hayden looked at me, as if he were studying every little detail. "You look nice."

I gave him a shy smile. "Thank you."

He gave me a nod and continued to look at the menu. "Wanna split the brownie?"

"Sure," I replied.

God, this is awkward.

We ordered the brownie and when it came, we talked as we ate. At first, we talked about little things like our favourite movies, books, or food. We talked very little about our families, but that's how I liked it. Nothing to bring down a date than two  dead parents and an absent sister. 

"So, what do you want to do when you get out of uni?" Hayden asked. We had just finished our brownie and we started to head to the theatre after we paid for our dessert.

Hayden threw his arm over my shoulders again and I wanted nothing more for him to move. I took a small, unnoticeable step away from him as I said, "I want to be a writer."

"I mean, for a real job, what do you want to be?" He questioned, oblivious to the fact that writing is what I wanted for a real job.

I looked at the night sky, letting out a deep breath. "I don't know."

After that, the date pretty much sucked. We barely spoke before or after the movie and during the movie, he kept trying to bring me closer, if it were even possible. When we reached the door, I thanked the Lord silently, for bringing this date to a close. 

"I had a good time with you," Hayden said with a cheeky smile.

"I did too," I replied quietly, afraid that my roommates would hear our conversation.

Hayden brought his head down for a kiss, his lips just grazed mine as I turned my face quickly, opened my door and said, "Goodnight!"

Shutting the door, I leaned on it, closed my eyes and let out a big sigh as I heard Hayden walk away. "That sucked."

When I opened my eyes, Nathan sat on the couch, arms crossed. "How was your date?"

I walked over to him, throwing my jacket on the ground and glared at him as he stared at the television screen. "Well, if you even care, it sucked."

Nathan simply gave me a smirk and shrugged his shoulders, he looked me up and down and said, "That's not very nice."

Anger rising from the pit of my stomach, I continued. "I get he's your friend but it sucked! And guess what? You suck too!"

Without waiting for a response, I stomped to my room. Throwing open my door, I turned around to slam it. "Goodnight!"

Nathan didn't say a word, instead, I heard him chuckling all the way into his room.

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