Chapter 1-Flashback

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3rd Person POV
Amanda is walking back to her college dorm at night. She had missed her bus and her car was in the shop. She then hears footsteps behind her. Afraid to turn around, she quickens her pace. As she runs, the footsteps become faster. She is almost at her dorm when she is pulled from her waist. "NO!! LET ME GO!!" Amanda screams at the top of her lungs. The man is still pulling her to his car that is parked by her dorm. As he struggles to open the door, she seizes the opportunity to kick him in his crotch. She is stopped by his quick hand and is shoved into the car. Another attempt was to escape through the other door of the vehicle but to no avail since the kidnapper had taken the locks off. He quickly starts the car and drives off. She had her phone but was scared to use it since he might see it. She quietly dialed 911 and dropped her phone on the floor. "What do you want? Let me go, please! I can't give you money." The man simply chuckled and said, "I don't want your money." Amanda's breathing slowed down. What does he want? "I can give you my card but it won't work." Amanda said, trying to confuse the kidnapper. "Again, I don't want money. I simply want you." Amanda started sobbing and again, tried to escape through the door. "You can't escape, Amanda." She stops and asks, "How did you know my name?" The man clears his throat and says, "I have been watching you since you walked into my life. The first moment we met. And for that, I'm taking you to a special place." Amanda looked down at her phone and asked, "Where?" The man looks at her and says, "To Fort Devon." Then finally pulls over, exits from the vehicle, and drags Amanda out of the car. Sniffling, Amanda says, "Please, sir. Don't do this to me. I won't say anything. I swear to God, I won't say anything!" The man, tired of her begging, grabs a towel and shoves it in her mouth. The man hauls Amanda over his shoulder as he heads deeper and deeper into the woods. Amanda is scared and shaking. She had never dreamt of this ever happening to her. She silently prayed as they approached a rustic-looking cabin. Tears are streaming down her face as the man opens the door and sets her down on a bed, with handcuffs at each of the four posts. The man pins her down and handcuffs her. Trembling with fear and coldness, Amanda began with a muffled voice, "Please, sir. Let me go." The man smiles at her and says, "Never." As the man undresses, Amanda began praying hard that her call registered to the police. The man interrupted her thoughts as she saw his naked body. He was well built but Amanda was still terrified. "Okay, baby. Let's take your clothes off." The man begin to unbutton her shirt as she continued to muffle her pleas. The man was already erect and touching himself as she begged. "I love it when you beg, Amanda." He whispered softly. The man began to kiss her neck and massage her breasts as he was starting to unbuckle her jeans with one hand. "No.. Please stop." Amanda begged. Suddenly, the door kicked in and there were police pointing weapons and screaming orders for him to get on the ground. The man stopped what he was doing and placed his hands on his back. Amanda is still shaking as the police pulled the man off the ground and covered him with a blanket while placing the cuffs on his wrists. The man smiles as the police are taking him away to the vehicles. A woman comes to Amanda with bolt cutters and cuts off her handcuffs. She then wraps up Amanda in a blanket and walks her outside to another police car. "Amanda, my name is Officer Gilmore. Can you please tell me what happened?" Amanda wiped her eyes and started to recall her story. From then on, Amanda was never the same and wouldn't be the same until she met him. 

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