Chapter 18: The Sister

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Hayden and Nathan were sitting in the living room, playing some video game where everyone was dying when the door flew open.

Nathan immediately paused the game, jumping up in a protective stance.

"Behold humans, Alex has arrived!" My sister shouted, throwing up her hands in the air.

She stood there, hands still in the air with a big smile on her face. She looked almost the exact same since I last had seen her. Her skin was a little bit more tanned and her blonde hair seemed slightly lighter. The only thing that hadn't changed were her eyes, they were still as blue as the forget-me-nots mom used to plant in our garden back home.

"What the actual fuck, Alex?" I yelled. My hand flew up to my heart as it continued to beat ridiculously fast. "You scared the hell out of me."

"Oh," Nathan grinned as he relaxed. "Princess, it's not nice to swear at your sister."

Hayden looked up at Nathan and scrunched his eyebrows. "You swear at Darian all the time."

Nathan rolled his eyes and smacked the top of his friend's head. "Shut up."

Alex looked between Nathan and Hayden, unsure how to respond.

I rolled my eyes at my sister and pulled her into the kitchen. "Just ignore them, that's what I do."

My sister laughed and continued to look at the boys on the couch. She studied them for a few moments before she whispered, "I said you were too pretty to have a shitty boyfriend, but I didn't mean for you to get two sexy ones!"

Luckily, neither of the boys heard her, as they were completely immersed back into their game of shooting people. I silently thanked the Lord for that as I gave my sister a pointed glare. "I am not dating either of them! Nathan is Darian's brother and Hayden is Nathan's best friend. In conclusion, I can't date either of them!"

Alex gave me her signature mischevious smile. "But if you could, who would you want to date?"

"I can't choose!" I said, throwing my hands up in the air. "They are both off limits so I hadn't even thought about dating either one of them."

My sister shrugged, causing her silky hair to fall off her shoulders. She stared at me intently, a stare I have always hated because it always felt like her eyes were staring into the depths of my soul. "Well, let's pretend for a few minutes that they aren't off limits. Nathan is a friend you met at that local pub you always go to and Hayden was someone you bumped into on the way to one of your lectures. Who would you choose?"

I sat there and pondered for a few minutes. If I don't think about this now, Alex will not let it go the whole time she's here, which could be a few hours or a few days, I have no clue when it comes to her anymore.

Nathan was flirty when I had met him, which to me shows that it comes easy to him to make girls swoon. Not to mention his escapade of women coming in and out of our apartment. Although, I died down completely right before the start of Christmas break. Actually, it died down right after that dinner we had where Samara said I was ready to date. But just because Nathan hasn't slept around the last little while, doesn't mean he would ever go on a date with me. Darian even said he was incapable of love, so why would I date someone who couldn't possibly love me?

Hayden on the other hand, kind of creeps me out. He's like Nathan, but not much of a player. Out of all the stories he has told me about travelling, he has never once mentioned a girl. Not that it's weird, but it strikes me as strange, especially when he flirts with me in a way Nathan hasn't. Nathan is verbal, Hayden is physical. Which makes me feel slightly unsettled. He's too physical. At least Nathan respects my boundaries.

My sister was still staring at me when I looked up after my time of thinking. "I don't know. They both have their pros and cons. But if I had to choose one, I'd choose Hayden. He isn't a player like Nathan. If I ever were to date Nathan, I'd be way too insecure."

Alex nodded her head, sincerely. She looked genuinely pleased with herself about getting me to confess who I'd date. "Well, sister, go get him. 'Cause if you don't, I will."

"God," I said, rubbing my temples. "You sound so much like Samara."

My sister winked at me. "Samara sounds like a smart girl."

I heard the game stop in the living room and the boys began to approach us in the kitchen. Alex and I were leaning on the counter closest to the fridge, whereas they sat across from us, on the stools that Darian and I had bought on a whim when we went to Ikea.

Nathan gave us a cocky smile and pointed to Hayden with his thumb. "I just kicked his ass. What have you been up to?"

"Noth-" I began but I was overpowered by sister's voice.

"Oh, just got Audrey to admit who she wants to date, it's Hayden, by the way," she smiled at me triumphantly.

I smacked my hand on my head and stayed there for a few moments. She wonders why I barely talk to her. Taking a deep breath, I looked up to see Hayden giving his best friend a cocky grin and Nathan giving me an unreadable expression.

I felt sick. I don't know why I bother telling Alex anything, now she made a mess of things and I didn't even give her an honest answer, which made a bigger mess of things. Turning to my sister, I said, "When are you leaving again?"

"Audrey," Nathan said through clenched teeth, his jaw looking razor sharp as he did so. "That's no way to talk to your sister."

My sister only laughed at Nathan's response, her blue eyes looking even brighter, if that were possible. "Don't worry, little sis, I have an early train in the morning. Montreal, here I come!"

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