Chapter 9

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Rowan sat up in bed, her heart racing and her breathing couldn't catch up. She turned over to look at Harry who lay still, his chest rising and falling. She shook her head and lay back down next to him, her eyes wandering around the large ceiling. Another nightmare, another dumb nightmare about the only thing she couldn't seem to remember. Her mother's death. Her legs swung over the side of the bed and she ran her hands through her hair before entering the dark bathroom. Her hands ran through her knotted hair and she sighed before turning over her shoulder to look at Harry, his mop of curls was strewn over the pillows and he snored softly.

Rowan watched him for a little longer before making her way out of the dark bedroom and through the dark house. It always seemed to be awake, many people nodded at her as they stood armed throughout the house.

"Miss King? Shouldn't you be in bed?" A voice called from behind her and she turned to face someone she didn't recognize well. He worked closely beside Harry but she hadn't yet had the opportunity to ask about him. He approached her, a gun in his hands and his boots squeaking with every step he took.

"I had a bad dream. Just going to get some water." She smiled and his face stayed in a small glare.

"Mr. Styles would not be happy about you wandering around at this time of night princess."

"Well he's not awake is he?" She glared at this man now who was treating her as anything but his queen. She wasn't used to the idea of anyone having anything but the utmost respect for her.

"Water and then bed. Please." He spoke before turning on his heel and walking back to wherever he had come from. Rowan hated secrets, and she knew there was something going on that she wasn't supposed to know about. That's how it always had been and always would be, Rowan would be kept in the dark. Her anger grew all the way to the kitchen and she knew there was no way she was going to be able to fall asleep now. She soon found her way outside and she walked across the small grassy path to the pond her and Zayn had been at.

Harry was supposed to be different. He was supposed to give her the life that she had always deserved, and yet he continued to treat her like everyone in her life always did. She wasn't too fragile, she wasn't too small, she wasn't any of it and they all knew that she was just as powerful as any of them. Footsteps could be heard behind her and she turned to see Liam sighing as he neared her, whispering into his ear piece as he got closer.

"Come on." He spoke softly, reaching his hand out for her and she took it. She was lifted from the ground and she followed him back into the house, where at three o'clock in the morning every light was turned on. And everyone was awake.

"Fucking find her!" She could hear his screams from his office all the way from the end of the hallway, and Liam eyed her as they walked towards the door. It clicked open and his head didn't lift from the table, his arms crossed underneath it and his breathing heavy.

"Harry?" She whispered and his head lifted up, a look of relief washing over his face as he practically jumped from the table and pulled her into his arms.

"I thought you were gone." He spoke into her hair and she giggled as his grip tightened. Liam coughed slightly under his breath, and Harry regained his tough demeanor.

"You're dismissed, Li." Rowan smiled and Liam nodded before leaving the two of them together in his office.

"What were you thinking? I woke up and you were just-"

"Harry what are you hiding from me?" She asked cutting him off, and his hands that were tangled in her hair stopped moving. His face showed no emotion to her question.

"How many times are we going to do this Rowan?"

"Until you tell me what the hell is going on." He eyed her as if he no idea what she was saying, and it was going to eventually drive her mad.

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