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This chapter is for danidaniellee

  You're my oldest internet friend lmao, it's hard to keep friendships like ours going for so long, but after you've kept talking for as long as we have these friendships are beautiful.

  I have no regrets about meeting you, none at all, you're so amazing and supportive and patient with me, not a lot of people like being patient with me. Thank you for listening to my rants and calming me down when I'm over thinking and overwhelmed, I admire you so much for how calm you are when I'm having an anxiety attack and how easily you can make me feel better.

  You are a (platonic) soulmate, (almost) everyone deserves a Danielle.

  It's hard for me to watch your mood drops, I love seeing all of my friends up instead of down but that's just not possible. I wish I could just make your depression dissapear forever, I wish I could make you smile anytime you're feeling down.

  You're such a good friend to me babe, I don't deserve you, you're too good to me. I wish I could see your face irl and get to hug you and hold your hand (I'm sweaty asf sorry bab) I wish I was in Texas or you were in Michigan. I'm looking forward to meeting you someday.

Love ya kiddo 😩

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