Chapter 1: First 'year' of school

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I was five. I was five days old, and five years old. I know, it's confusing being a girl like me.

You know the thing your mother will always say to you, how you're 'growing up too fast'? Well, I am growing up too fast. Waaay too fast. In a week, I'm twelve. Twelve.

Everyone at school said I'm spoilt. "Well, you are pretty lucky to live longer than I will." I said to everyone while bursting into tears. I need to cherish life. Because I'm not going to be getting alot of it.

It was average today. But whenever school finishes, we do something exciting. Today we went to a Hawaiian resteraunt and we danced and had a real load of fun.

        NEXT DAY (year)


Six. Time really does fly.

There isn't really anything exciting about school. No friends, just... another year. Year 2 of school.

We went on a ropes course, and I've noticed I love adreneline and heights.

And we got a puppy. He's really cute. He's a Saint Bernard, we got him from the rescue shelter, and he is pretty big. For 2 years old, yep. He's bigger than me. In a week, I'm a teenager. I would get all of the hormones and everything in a week. Yay....

So.... how was it? It's not that good at the moment, only really because the character is six. Yeah... so I was sort of thinking I should just not do this series, even after the 5 votes. But.... I ended up continuing because everyone was saying how I should update, so cheers everyone, I hope it turns out well, I already have ideas for when it's like the end of the story. This isn't going to be a series by the way.

Also... I wanna know when you guys add any of my stories to your library, just message me something like "I added Stranger to my library". Talking about Stranger.... 512 reads? OMG

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One last thing....

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I think I've said what I've needed to say.

Cheers, xx

Siobhan B

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